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200W laser cleaning machine to remove paint and solder joints
In the field of industrial cleaning, laser cleaning machine has become the best choice for metal cleaning with higher cleaning efficiency, more effective cleaning effects and lower operating costs. According to different lasers, we divide laser cleaning machines into pulsed laser cleaning machine and continuous laser cleaning machine. These two types of equipment have their own advantages and are used in two different markets, precision material processing and macro material processing.
What is the difference between a pulsed laser cleaning machine and a continuous laser cleaning machine?
You must have seen many videos of laser cleaning machines for rust removal, paint removal and weld removal on ACCTEK's YouTube (AccTek China). Experiments show that both the continuous laser cleaning machine and the pulsed laser cleaning machine can remove paint and other pollution-free materials on the surface of the material to achieve the cleaning effect. But under the same power condition, the efficiency of pulsed laser cleaning machine is much higher than that of continuous laser cleaning machine. In addition, pulsed laser cleaning can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate temperature from being too high or slightly soluble.
The continuous laser cleaning machine has a price advantage, and users can make up for the gap between the efficiency and the pulsed laser cleaning machine by using a high-power laser. But higher machine power means greater heat input and increased damage to the substrate. Therefore, the application scenarios of the two laser cleaning equipment are fundamentally different. Pulse laser cleaning machines are mainly used in scenarios with high precision, requiring strict control of the heating of the substrate, and requiring the substrate to be non-destructive. Such as precision instruments, historical relics, precious metals, molds and other fields. The continuous laser cleaning machine is mainly used in some large-scale steel, pipelines, construction machinery and other materials with large heat dissipation blocks and low requirements for substrate damage.
What is the price of 200W pulse laser cleaning machine
A 200W pulsed laser cleaning machine costs about $15,000, which is equivalent to the price of two 1000W continuous laser cleaning machines. This is because its application field is more professional, and the cleaning is more precise and damage-free. This 200W laser cleaning machine is equipped with a handheld laser cleaning gun, and the operation is very simple. The connecting cable between the laser cleaning gun and the fuselage is 5m long, which can complete the cleaning operation in a large range without moving the machine. The machine is equipped with 5pcs of extra protection lens, 1pc of extra focus lens,1pc of protection glasses for users to use. The size of this laser cleaning machine is very small, and users can easily carry it to any workplace where cleaning is required.
Application of 200W Laser Cleaning Machine
Although the power of the pulsed laser cleaning machine is lower, it does not mean that the efficiency is low. The 200W laser cleaning machine can provide users with gentle and high-precision cleaning solutions. It uses a short-pulse laser with the same cleaning intensity as other electric cleaning equipment. This laser cleaning machine is ideal for the following application scenarios:
Restoration of historical relics
precious artwork
precision instrument
Rubber/Injection Mold
Any product that requires gentle cleaning
Although the video in this article only shows you the process of removing paint and solder joints by laser cleaning machine, it actually has a wide range of functions, including laser rust removal, laser oil removal, laser removal of graffiti on the ground, laser removal of cement, etc. application. And in addition to laser cleaning metal materials, it can also clean the surfaces of various types of materials such as wood, glass, and plastic, and has a wide range of usage scenarios.
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