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New design standard ATC CNC Router-AKM1325C2

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AKM1325C2 is a standard auto tool change cnc router machine. The factory technicians redesigned its appearance to make the machine more beautiful. New designed overall sheet metal for all the four sides, looks more compact and neat; and two legs have been added to the original foundation to make the machine stronger and have a higher load capacity.
ATC CNC router
In addition to the appearance more in line with modern aesthetics, the performance of the cnc router machine AKM1325C2 is more stable, and the accuracy of engraving and cutting is also higher. It can fully meet the needs of many engraving industries such as the furniture industry, advertising industry, and handicraft processing industry. Next, let's take a look at the specific configuration of AKM1325C2, so that you can better understand the application capabilities of this machine, which is of great help for choosing the cnc router that suits you.
Machine configuration:
1. 9.0KW ATC air cooling spindle
The AKM1325C2 is an auto tool-change cnc router machine, the spindle is equipped with a 9.0KW air cooling ATC spindle with a speed of up to 18000RPM and strong power, which can ensure long-term stable work and longer service life.
2.  Auto tool changer device
The auto tool changer is divided into ATC linear tool changer and ATC carousel tool changer. The standard configuration is an ISO 30 tool holder, which can be with 20mm max.diameter tools. The  ATC linear tool changer is fixed at the tail of the machine. Each time the tool is changed, it is necessary to return to the tail from the working area to change the tool, perform tool setting and zeroing, and then perform work.
Compared with manual tool change, it is more convenient and more efficient. Compared with ATC carousel tool changer, the price is cheaper; The ATC carousel tool changer is fixed on the side of the gantry and is always on the same horizontal line as the spindle, and the tool change does not require tool setting and zeroing, which is more efficient than the linear tool changer. You can choose a suitable tool changer according to actual work needs.
ATC CNC router
3. Syntec controller
The system stability is very good, the man-machine operation is friendly, easy to learn and operation, powerful function. The system can ensure the smooth and safe operation of the machine.
4. Taiwan Hiwin 25 raisl, helical gear an rack transmission
Low noise, stable operation; good meshing of helical gears, large overlap reduces the load of each pair of gears, and improves the load-carrying capacity of the gears.
5. Vacuum table and two 5.5KW vacuum pumps
The vacuum table is mainly used to draw the air between the plate and the worktable surface through a vacuum pump to form a negative pressure, so that the material is tightly adsorbed on the table, the plate fixing is more stable, and it saves a lot of time for manual fix the plate. The vacuum adsorption technology is applied to the woodworking cnc router to greatly improve the work efficiency. While using the vacuum table, it is necessary to configure two 5.5KW vacuum pumps to operate together. The work surface can be divided into 4-8 areas according to the size of the board, and each area is controlled by a switch. When the processing board is small, only one processing area can be activated to make the board adsorption better.
cutting and engraving for wood
Regarding the drive, the 750W Taiwan Delta servo motor and Delta drive are selected, which are stable in operation, good in controllability, fast in response, and high in sensitivity. The other feature of AKM1325C2 is that it uses an automatic oiling system to automatically oil the guide rails and lead screws. In addition, it is equipped with two 3.0KW dust suction devices, which can directly collect waste waste such as wood chips and dust into the dust bag when processing the board, making the working environment cleaner.
Our company’s AKM1325C2 is a very cost-effective engraving machine, produced in our own factory, affordable, and fully equipped. If you have other processing needs, you can leave us a message, and the staff will recommend a more matching machine for you. I hope it helps you.

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