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The development history of ACCTEK Laser Cleaning Machine

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In the industrial field, rust removal, paint removal, and oil removal are very common needs. Especially for metal equipment or metal utensils exposed outdoors, safe rust removal becomes a condition to ensure their normal operation.

With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the continuous improvement of industrial environmental protection requirements by law enforcement agencies, traditional cleaning methods have been unable to meet the needs of industrial cleaning. Therefore, a high-tech green cleaning method, the laser cleaning process came into being.
The fiber laser cleaning machine uses a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the workpiece to evaporate or peel off rust, coatings, or other contaminants on the surface, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The entire laser cleaning process does not require the use of chemicals or other media, does not produce pollutants, and is more environmentally friendly. The ACCTEK technical team develops three types of fiber laser cleaning machines to meet market demands.

Development history of laser cleaning machine


The first generation of laser cleaning machine

1000W Laser cleaning machine
The first generation of ACCTEK laser cleaning machine was officially launched in 2018, which is a high-power laser cleaning machine equipped with a hand-held laser cleaning gun. The product has been favored by many users since its launch, and has become one of ACCTEK LASER's best-selling laser equipment.
The first-generation laser cleaning machine has an independent body, and the handheld laser cleaning gun is connected to the body by a 10-meter cable, which is suitable for large-scale cleaning work in the workshop. This laser cleaning machine is equipped with a continuous light laser with a power range of 1000W-2000W to choose from, which is suitable for cleaning large-area materials such as industrial equipment.

The second generation laser cleaning machine

Portable Laser Cleaning Machine
In order to meet the needs of users for high-precision or valuable cleaning, ACCTEK LASER launched the second generation of laser cleaning machines in 2020. This is a portable laser cleaning machine with a trolley case design. On the one hand, it is smaller than the first generation and easier to carry to other places to start work. On the other hand, this laser cleaning machine is equipped with a pulsed light laser, which can better control the heat input and prevent the substrate from being slightly soluble due to excessive temperature.
The power of the second-generation laser cleaning machine is 100W, and its higher precision and non-damage characteristics make it suitable for cleaning historical relics, precious works of art, precious jewelry or high-precision instruments.

The third generation laser cleaning machine

1000W Portable Laser Cleaning Machine
The portability of the second-generation laser cleaning machine is favored by many users, but due to its low power, it cannot meet the needs of rapid cleaning. In order to be more portable and have high power, ACCTEK LASER launched the third-generation laser cleaning machine this year, a smaller size and higher power laser cleaning equipment.
The size of the third-generation laser cleaning machine is 960×670×700mm, and the power range is 1000W and 1500W.
After five years of development, ACCTEK has developed laser cleaning equipment suitable for cleaning various materials. It is believed that with the continuous development of the industry, users will put forward more new demands, and ACCTEK LASER will follow the footsteps of the market and continuously develop new laser cleaning machines to meet the development needs of the market.

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