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Cheap Hobby CNC Router Machine with 4x4 Table Size

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The 4x4 CNC router machine is a small CNC machine that is popular with hobbyists. Its worktable size is 4x4 feet, or 1200x1200mm, suitable for home, personal studio, small business or school education use. It can cut soft materials like wood, acrylic, plastic, and soft metals like aluminum.
4x4 CNC router machine

Features of hobby CNC router machine with 4x4 table size:

1. The CNC router machine body adopts an integral cast iron frame, which makes it more sturdy and durable.
2. The drive mechanism of the CNC machine chooses Taiwan TBI ball screw, which makes it an ideal choice for high-precision work. If you want to increase the running speed of X and Y axis, you can choose rack and pinion drive mechanism for X and Y axis.
3. The CNC router spindle is selected from the well-known Chinese brand HQD, and the quality is guaranteed. If you only process soft materials such as wood or acrylic, you can choose a 1.5KW or 2.2KW spindle to meet your needs. If you also need to cut a small amount of metal or stone, it is recommended that you choose a spindle with a power of 3.0KW or more.
4. CNC router 4x4 is equipped with Mach3 control system. The program is installed on the computer connected to the control machine, which is easy to operate and supports the function of spindle speed feedback and power failure recovery.
5. This hobby CNC router machine is equipped with limit switches on all axes, you can easily group the axes without accident.
Besides, every CNC router machine produced by ACCTEK factory supports emergency stop switch so that you can quickly stop the machine in an emergency.
All parts of the 4x4 CNC router machine are of industrial quality and are able to guarantee the machine has excellent speed and precision. Of course, this is only the basic configuration of CNC wood router, if you have higher requirements, you can add parts to the cnc engraving machine in the following options.
1. Dust collector
If you mainly do woodworking, then you need to add a dust collector system to this CNC wood router. ACCTEK offers you a double bags dust collector with a brush and suction duct mounted on the cnc router spindle. When the spindle is engraving or cutting on the wood, the dusting brush focuses the sawdust together and collects waste such as sawdust through the vacuuming duct into the dusting bag. The use of vacuum cleaners can keep the workplace clean and tidy, and can greatly reduce the time for dusting the machine and cleaning the workshop.
2. Rotary axis device
The rotary axis device is a machine tool accessory that clamps the workpiece on the chuck or between the two centers to rotate and position it. Adding a 4th axis to a CNC wood router allows the tool to have a wider range of machining, allowing it to complete 3D machining of cylinders.
3. Auto tool changer
If you frequently need to use multi-tool machining projects, adding an auto tool changer to your CNC engraving machine can significantly improve shop productivity. The auto tool change CNC wood router can complete the tool change in a few seconds and proceed to the next process without stopping the machine running. The operation is very convenient and more efficient.
4. Atomization cooling device (Oil mist lubrication pump)
If your 4x4 CNC engraving machine needs to cut a small amount of metal and stone, then it is recommended that you install an atomizing cooling device on the side of the cnc router spindle. It can effectively reduce the adhesion of chips to the cutting edge and reduce the temperature of the aluminum and the tool. The atomizing cooling device can effectively avoid damage caused by overheating of the tool, and can significantly improve the production efficiency of metal cutting and stone cutting.
All this good configuration makes this 3-axis CNC router machine suitable to run many hours a day to complete more projects. If you have any 4x4 CNC engraving machine plans or ideas, you can communicate online and our CNC router professionals will provide you with a free custom plan. The following shows you two 4x4 CNC router machines, click the link for more information.

Low cost 4x4 CNC router machine

Affordable 4x4 CNC Router
This small CNC wood router can process decorations, jewelry boxes, billboards, children's toys, musical instruments and many other items for you. It's very cheap, you can buy a 4x4 CNC engraving machine for only $3400.

4x4 CNC router with auto tool changer

4x4 CNC Router with atc
The 4x4 CNC engraving machine is equipped with an linear auto tool changer, with 4 tools as standard, which can complete the processing of four processes at one time. For projects that require batch processing or need to engrave complex patterns, it has higher work efficiency.

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