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High-efficiency double-head CO2 laser cutting machine in china

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CO2 laser engraving machine, able to engrave and cut various non-metals, like acrylic, double-color plate, marble, wood, MDF, plywood, textile, leather, glass, paper etc. Widely applied in craft gifts, souvenir, Chinese paper cutting, advertising signs, clothes, furniture and many other industries.Fast engraving and cutting speed, high precision. It can be configured with up-down lifting table, honeycomb table, rotary axis, etc., to bring you more engraving functions.
Adding a laser cutting machine to your workshop can effectively help you complete your work quickly. If you need to engrave the same pattern on the same material, then a double-head laser cutter is your best choice. The two head CO2 laser cutting machine can engrave and cut two workpieces at the same time, which is more efficient. It is suitable for mass production in the shop.
CO2 laser cutting machine
ACCTEK has two double-head laser cutting machines that are popular with users. The laser machine AKJ1390-2 has a working area of 1300×900, which is suitable for processing small workpieces such as signs, medals, children toys, and more. It is more used in the advertising industry and handicraft industry. The large-size laser machine AKJ1530-2  has a working area of 1500×3000, which is suitable for processing large-area plates such as cabinets and wardrobes, and is more used in the furniture industry. Both of them can bring you efficient engraving and cutting functions. The following is their specific introduction, if you need a laser cutting machine, you can use it as a reference.
The double-head laser cutting machine adopts aluminum knife worktable, which is suitable for processing hard materials such as acrylic and wood. If you need to process soft materials such as leather and cloth, you can choose honeycomb worktable. The small holes of the honeycomb worktable have good support performance, which can ensure that the fabric will not be deformed during processing. And the hole of honeycomb worktable is small, so the small work piece can be placed on the table surface to be processed.
This laser machine is equipped with two laser heads and two RECI laser tubes. You can choose different power laser tubes according to the thickness of the material you need to engrave and cut. The RECI laser tube has a slim beam and a high-quality spot, which can quickly engrave and hollow out various patterns. ACCTEK has installed a reinforcement stings for each laser machine, which can ensure that the laser tube is not easy to collide and cause damage when moving the machine. An air pipe has been installed on the laser head, and the blown air can cool the lens and effectively prevent dust from contacting the lens.
CO2 laser cutting machine
Acctek CO2 laser cutter uses high quality stepper motor and drivers, strong power, reliable performance, safe and fast, ensure the normal operation of the machine. Advanced Ruida control system, with professional motion control chip, has the function of consecutively high-speed curve cutting and the shortest path selection, which largely improves your working efficiency.
The above is the introduction of double-head CO2 laser machine. If you need to buy a suitable laser machine or engraving equipment, you can check the price of the product online; if you want to know the machine in the factory, you can also contact us. Welcome to visit the company .

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