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Industry ATC CNC Router Machine for Woodworking in Spain

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Spanish user Octavio bought an ATC CNC router machine in our company. The machine has now arrived at his workshop and yesterday he sent us a photo showing the CNC router AKM1530C and thanked engineer Kate for his help. I am very happy that our machines and services are recognized by customer.

ATC CNC Router in Spain
Octavio bought a CNC router machine with auto tool changer, which is one of the best selling CNC machines in ACCTEK. ATC CNC router AKM1530C is loved by more and more customers for its high performance and wide application, and it is the preferred CNC router engraving equipment for large workshops and mass production enterprises.
This ATC CNC router customized by Spanish user Octavio is a high-end CNC machine. All accessories use international famous brands, which ensures the machine has stable performance and longer service life. It is very suitable for fine pattern engraving. The following introduces the features and configuration of this machine. If you are planning to upgrade the CNC equipment for your workshop, you can use it as a reference for purchasing.
ATC CNC router AKM1530C is a high-end CNC woodworking machining center with a working area of 5×10ft, which is specialized in the processing of large-sized plates. Equipped with Taiwan Syntec control system, with good stability and powerful functions. Professionally used in high-end CNC machines, the anti-interference ability and control accuracy of the control system are better than other types. The spindle selected is Italian HSD, the 9.0KW high-power ATC spindle has high precision and good axial stability, which is suitable for completing the engraving of fine patterns.
The woodworking CNC router machine is equipped with a linear auto tool changer and the tool magazine is loaded with 8 different CNC drills. When the machine engraves complex patterns, it can automatically grab the tool according to the program. There is no need to manually change the drill bit, and the tool change speed only takes a few seconds, which greatly improves the processing efficiency of the workshop. With the Japanese Yaskawa servo motor, it can effectively ensure the cutting accuracy and smooth operation of the CNC machine.
ATC CNC Router AKM1530C
Industrial CNC router machine AKM1530C adopts T-slot and vacuum adsorption combined worktable, which has many advantages. The T-slot worktable can fix small-sized sheets or hollowed-out materials, and the vacuum adsorption worktable can be used to fix large-sized sheets and irregular materials. No matter what type of sheet, it can be tightly fixed on the workbench of the CNC machine tool.
Each ATC CNC router machine of ACCTEK is equipped with a 3.0KW double-bag dust collector for customers, with a bracket, which is more convenient and beautiful to install. It not only ensures the cleanliness of the working environment, but also benefits the health of employees. If you need to machine cylindrical materials, you only need to add a rotary axis device to do it. Custom CNC machines can provide you with more functions.
ATC CNC router machine is widely used in wood engraving and cutting, especially in the furniture industry and handicraft processing industry. Its processing efficiency and processing accuracy bring a larger market and more business to the enterprise. If your business is growing rapidly, choosing an CNC router machine with auto tool changer for your workshop will be an important step.

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