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Fully Enclosed Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine shipping to Hungary

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Fiber laser cutting machines have become the mainstream equipment for metal cutting projects and are widely used in the metal manufacturing industry. ACCTEK factory has a fully enclosed fiber plate tube laser cutting machine undergoing metal cutting testing, which is a customized laser cutting equipment for a Hungarian user.

This fiber laser cutting machine AKJ1530FBR is a metal cutting equipment with a rotary axis. It can process metal plates and metal tubes, which can meet the processing needs of users for different shapes of materials.
Fully enclosed plate tube laser cutting machine

Features of fiber plate tube laser cutting machine AKJ1530FBR:

The machine adopts a heavy-duty frame, and the rectangular tube wall thickness of the body is 10mm, which can increase the stability of the guide rail and effectively avoid the deformation of the bed.
Equipped with an automatic rotary axis, it can be used to cut various metal tubes such as round tubes, square tubes, special-shaped tubes, etc. The two sides of the rotary axis are designed with electric clamps, which can automatically stretch the material and adjust the position of the metal tube to ensure more accurate cutting.
Raytools autofocus cutting head, automatically find the best focal length instead of manual focus, more efficient. The metal laser cutting head adopts a dust-proof design, which can fully protect the internal optical components and prolong the service life.
The 4000W IPG laser generator equipped with the fiber laser cutting machine has the highest beam quality and the most reliable cutting performance. Modularity and scalability allow for easy maintenance and reduced downtime.
The Cypcut FSCUT2000C controller system of the metal laser cutting machine provides fine cutting technology, smooth start and end in the cutting of the tool path, especially suitable for high-speed, high-precision laser cutting.
High-power Yaskawa servo motor ensures high-speed and smooth operation of the metal laser cutting machine. Yaskawa absolute AC servo drive system greatly shortens the settling time, realizes high-speed acceleration and deceleration, and has a fast response speed.
Another feature of the AKJ1530FBR fiber laser cutting machine is the design of the large surrounding structure. The observation window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass. On the one hand, it can protect the safety of operators, and on the other hand, it is convenient to discharge smoke when laser cutting metal, which is more environmentally friendly. The operator can view the metal cutting process through the display screen outside the machine, which is safe and convenient.
IPG Laser Source and Display

Advantages of fiber plate and tube laser cutting machine AKJ1530FBR:

Laser cutting metal is non-contact cutting, the heat affected area of the cutting seam is small, and the cutting seam is between 0.1-0.2mm. There is no burr and slag on the cut metal section, the cutting quality is high, and generally no secondary processing is required.
Laser cutting is less affected by the environment, can achieve high energy output in a short time, and has fast cutting speed. No tools are needed to fix the metal plate during the processing, saving the time of clamping the workpiece and improving the work efficiency of the workshop.
The positioning accuracy of the metal sheet laser cutting machine is 0.05mm, the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.02mm, and the cutting accuracy is high.
The mold manufacturing cost of large workpieces is high, and the use of laser steel plate cutting machines does not require molds during processing, saving processing costs.
Fiber laser cutting machine plays an irreplaceable role in metal cutting projects with its unique advantages. In order to meet market demand, metal laser cutting equipment is developing in a more automated and intelligent direction. ACCTEK factory customizes laser cutting machines according to user needs, and provides you with affordable fiber laser cutting machines at factory prices.

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