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Fiber laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine
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Laser marking machines are now used more and more widely. On many products, customers will choose laser marking machines to achieve marking. In basic terms, laser marking is a process that uses a beam of concentrated light to create a precise and permanent mark on a range of surfaces, including materials like steel, titanium, copper, ceramic, glass, plastic, and wood.
The main advantages of laser marking machines are permanent marking, fast marking speed and low energy consumption. Common uses include identifying and tracing materials, parts or machines, or marking expiration dates in the food industry. If you want to buy a laser marking machine, it is necessary to determine on which material to mark.
According to the different types of lasers, there are many types of laser marking machines, such as carbon dioxide, optical fiber, and ultraviolet. If you need to mark metal materials, you need to choose an fiber laser marking machine. If you only need to mark non-metallic materials, then the CO2 laser marking machine is very suitable.
ACCTEK is a professional CNC manufacturer, the fiber laser marking machine produced by our factory has high precision and stable performance. It can mark any kind of information on your metallic parts. Be it a logo, a serial number, a bar code, a pattern or anything, fiber laser engraver does it all smoothly. These marking machines use the latest technology that can help you mark your product efficiently and professionally. It has a very high operating speed thus it can save you some precious minutes or hours.
If you need to mark the surface of non-metallic materials, then this CO2 laser marking machine is very suitable. The CO2 laser marking machine AK1325F is designed for big working size marking. Now, we have 600x900mm,1300x900mm, 1600x1600mm,1300x2500mm. Of course, we can customize the machine size for you.
The laser marking machine AK1325C with US RF metal laser tube or Reci laser tube, this machine has finest laser beam, to cut and engrave very precisely. Especially when you cut paper card, the cutting edge is very smooth and thin. This CO2 laser marking machine is widely used in fabric, paper, wood products, acrylic, crystal, ceramic, marble, and a variety of non-metallic composite materials.
Laser is non contact process, there is no distortion. As laser marking is to gasify the surface of material, the marking will laser forever. You just need to change design in software, then all different size/shape pattern can be realized. It is very convenient for sampling or changing products. No need cost for template.
ACCTEK as a professional cnc manufacturer, can provide you quality machines as well as professional solutions. You can learn more about laser marking machines by sending us an email or talking with our online sales representatives.

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