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Popular woodworking cnc router machine in furniture industry
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We can say that wood CNC machine serves a great purpose in different industries along with the globe. The working with CNC router machines is much easier as compared to various traditional methods. With the help of CNC router machine, solid wood products are manufactured and they are also more reliable than any other method. Moreover, with the help of CNC router machine, work is done at a faster pace and higher efficiency.
The furniture industry is one of the most established industries in the world. As the furniture industry widely uses wood to make cabinets and wardrobes, cnc router machines are used in the furniture industry for carving processing.
ACCTEK is a professional manufacturer of CNC machines. Our factory produces high-quality woodworking cnc router for the furniture industry. The cnc router AKM1325C1 has the advantages of fast engraving speed, high processing accuracy, and automatic tool change, which is loved by many users. Next, let's take a look at the specific configuration of AKM1325C1, so that you can better understand the features of this machine, which is of great help for choosing the cnc router that suits you.
The processing size of AKM1325C1 is 1300mm×2500mm×250mm. If your processed plate is much smaller than this size, or larger than this size, you can communicate with the staff, we can customize the machine size for you.

9.0KW ATC air cooling spindle

9.0KW Chinese ATC air cooling spindle to ensure the machine can be vigorous cutting. Smooth body, not easy to rust; powerful and longer lifetime.

Mach3 controller

We use Ethernet interface controller card, high reliability, anti-interference. 
The program is installed on a computer connected to the control machine. It is the most common software for CNC machines in the world. Support spindle speed feedback function and power-off resume function.

Vacuum table and 5.5KW air pump double stage

The air pump is used to extract the air between the workpiece and the worktable surface to form a negative pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of fixing the material on the worktable. Double stage air pump with filter and pressure relief valve. It has less noise when working. The vacuum adsorption technology is applied to the woodworking cnc router to greatly improve the work efficiency.

Auto tool changer

8pcs linear type auto tool changers, ISO30. Don’t need to change tools manually when machine works, which saves a lot of time and greatly improves the efficiency of material processing. It is very suitable for complex and mass carving processing.

Taiwan Hiwin 25 raisl, helical gear an rack transmission

Low noise, stable operation; good meshing of helical gears, large overlap reduces the load of each pair of gears, and improves the load-carrying capacity of the gears.

Auto oil lubrication

Only need to set the interval time and oil filling time, the machine can automatically lubricate the guide rail and the lead screw according to the setting.
The development of the furniture industry is inseparable from the application and progress of CNC Router machines. With the continuous improvement of the configuration of engraving cnc router, the processing efficiency and processing quality of workpieces are also rising.
Whether you are in the woodworking industry, advertising industry or other engraving industry, as long as you have engraving needs, you can consult with us online. Our staff will provide you with the best purchase plan.

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