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Classification and application of laser marking machine part.3

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1)Type classification:

1.YAG laser marking machine

Semiconductor pump laser marking machine is the use of a wavelength of 0.808um semiconductor laser diode (side or end face) pump Nd: YAG medium, so that the medium produces a large number of reversed particles in the Q switch under the action of the formation of 1.064um wavelength of the giant pulse laser output, electro-optical conversion efficiency is high.Semiconductor pump laser marking machine and lamp pump YAG just compared to the marking machine has better stability, energy saving, do not need to change the lamp, and other advantages, relatively high price.

2. Optical fiber laser marking machine

Mainly consists of laser, lens, marking card of three parts, using production laser marking machine, fiber laser beam quality good, the output center is 1064 nm, the whole life in 100000 hours, compared with other types of laser marking machine live longer, electro-optic conversion efficiency of 28% above, relative to other types of laser marking machine conversion efficiency of 2% 10% of the huge advantage, outstanding performance in energy conservation and environmental protection, etc.

3.CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser is a gas laser with a wavelength of 10.64um in the far-infrared optical frequency band. CO2 gas is used to charge into the discharge tube as the medium for laser generation. When a high voltage is applied to the electrode, a glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube to release the laser from the gas molecules, and the laser energy is amplified to form a laser beam for material processing.

4. Ultraviolet laser marking machine

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is equipped with deep ultraviolet laser, imported high-speed scanning mirror system, etc.Ultraviolet laser marking machine can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking due to its small focusing spot and little heat-affected area. Therefore, ultraviolet laser marking machine is the customer's preferred product with higher requirements for marking effect.Ultraviolet laser marking machine has the characteristics of high electro-optic conversion rate, long service life of nonlinear crystal, stable operation of the whole machine, high positioning accuracy, high operating efficiency, modular design for easy installation and maintenance.In addition, 2-d automatic worktable can be selected to realize multi-station continuous marking or large-format marking.

5. Green laser marking machine

Green laser marking machine is developed by using the most advanced 532nm laser pumping technology (side pumping or end pumping) in the world. Customers can freely choose the pumping type according to the characteristics of their own products. The electro-optical conversion rate of this kind of laser is high, which can reach more than 30% or 45%.He USES a wide range: tag a variety of metals (such as stainless steel, copper alloy, etc.) and various non-metallic materials, such as glass, stone, ceramics, electroplating buttons, gold-plated devices, etc.) of marking, and optical device (such as light word lens, etc.) or calibration of marking, also suitable for ceramic punching, high-temperature PCB molding directly.Compared with similar products, it has a relatively high cost performance and is more suitable for applications requiring more precision and precision.Compared with similar products have a relatively high cost performance.His price is even higher.

6. Yttrium aluminum garnet type

The active medium is a solid. The laser emits 1060nm light wave near the infrared region. There are two types, continuous type and light pen type. By changing the output energy, laser beams with different intensities can be obtained.Marking process has coking method (dark marking), foaming method (light marking) and ablation method (carving marking), marking quality is excellent.

7. Excimer type

The medium is composed of a mixture of helium, argon, krypton, neon, and halogens such as chlorine, fluorine, bromine, and iodine.


2)The difference between:

The semiconductor pumped laser generates less waste heat and requires a small cooling system. Generally, it only needs 1 piece of water chiller. The lamp pumped laser generally needs more than 2 pieces of water chiller and a larger water pump is needed to provide a larger cooling water flow.So its running lamp pumped laser marking machine running noise is bigger, and vast opportunities to produce more heat cold water, especially in the summer in the south, the environment temperature is higher, the excess heat can make working environment more bad, or need more air conditioning system to adjust the temperature of working environment, increasing the cost of production.

1. Better marking effect

Because the semiconductor diode emits almost only one wavelength of light, the laser pumped by it is more monochromatic, and the laser mode is better. A good laser mode will make the light spot after laser focus smaller, more concentrated, and achieve a better marking effect.

Semiconductor and lamp pumped laser are using ND: YAG (neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet) crystals as produced by the laser material, it can be converted to visible light of 808 nm 1064 nm invisible laser, but the output of laser another key factor is to make more crystal rods output laser pump sources are used, semiconductor pump is the use of semiconductor diode sent 808 nm wavelengths;The lamp pump USES the light from the krypton lamp to pump, but the light from the krypton lamp has a broad spectrum, with a slightly larger peak at 808nm, and all other wavelengths of light end up as useless heat.

2. Small volume

The semiconductor laser module itself is small in size, and its laser mode is good, so the volume of the semiconductor pumped laser for CNC machine tools is nearly one third smaller than that of the lamp pumped laser.

3. Maintenance free, no need to replace krypton lamp

Semiconductor diode of life is long, its rated working time is more than 10000 hours, and the life of the krypton lamp only a few hundred hours (generally in the 400-600 hours), so the lamp pumped laser in work after period of time, all need to replace the krypton lamp, especially for metal marking, the amount of energy needed larger, krypton lamp life will be more affected.Therefore, the semiconductor pump laser for CNC machine tools is also known as maintenance-free laser, which means that it works without consumables and does not need maintenance for a long time.I company for more effective prolong the service life of semiconductor laser diode pump sources are used, the precombustion with frequency conversion control technology, namely in under the premise of guarantee the luminous tube is not affected by current shock, according to the workload and intensity, the most greatly reduce the current density through the light-emitting diode, effectively prolong the service life of the semiconductor diode.Depending on the production tasks of different users, the service life of semiconductor lasers can be guaranteed between one and three years.

The lamp pump laser marking machine needs to shut down frequently to replace krypton lamp, which is unacceptable for many large production lines. Because of the different life of krypton lamp, it is possible that the unbalanced quality of domestic lamps will cause more waste in the use of krypton lamp!Therefore, the switch to semiconductor marking machine can greatly save the loss of manpower and material resources caused by downtime maintenance.

4. Save electricity

Because of its high conversion efficiency and good mode, semiconductor pumps are easier to focus on smaller areas of high-energy light, requiring less external energy to mark the same object.At the same time, its waste heat is much less than that of the lamp pumped laser, which determines that it does not need such a huge cooling system as the lamp pumped laser.Therefore, the power consumption of a semiconductor pumped laser system is much less than that of a lamp pumped system.


3)Matters needing attention:

 frequently asked questions

Fault 1: the laser intensity drops, the mark is not clear enough


1. Whether the laser resonator changes;Fine tuning resonator lens.Make the output light spot the best;

2. The acoustooptic crystal is offset or the output energy of the acoustooptic power source is low;Adjust the position of the acousto-optic crystal or increase the working current of the acousto-optic power supply;

3. Laser off-center entering the vibrating mirror: adjust the laser;

4. If the current is adjusted to 20A or so, the photosensitivity is not strong enough: krypton lamp is aging, replace it with a new lamp.

Fault 2: krypton lamp cannot be triggered (refer to NTP power supply manual)


1. Check all the power cables;

2. Aging krypton lamp under high pressure, replace krypton lamp.

Fault 3: one long and three short alarm when online


There are several reasons and ways to get rid of them

1. The software does not work and the motherboard is loose. Please plug in the computer again when you open it.

2. When the Q drive alarm light is on, check whether the 37 and 15 needles are loose and whether the Q switch has normal water supply.

3. When the laser power alarm light is on, check whether the chiller is turned on and whether the lamp tube is damaged (if damaged, the lamp tube needs to be replaced).

Fault 4: cause of light failure


There are several reasons and solutions

1. The smooth screw of the whole machine is loose, so it is necessary to tighten the screw.

2. If there is too much dust inside the gun, the gun endoscope should be replaced if it is found.

3. If the laser power point lamp is not turned on when the machine is turned on for a long time, it will freeze and no light will come out. It is necessary to turn off the power system of the whole machine for 1 and then turn it on again.

4. Lamp tube aging or laser power decline, must be replaced.

5. After working for a long time, the laser power drops, and the gun endoscope needs to be adjusted for the shot body bottom cover.

Fault 5: common problems with computers


There are several problems

1. Check whether the graphics are complex during processing.

2. Do not connect the network cable to the online computer, it is a separate control laser system.

3. Slow operation, please do not be too impatient to avoid crash.

Please pay attention to prevent virus in case the system is wrong.

Fault 6: the XY axis of the workbench is not punctual


1. Whether the table sliding rail screws are loose

2. The glass on the work table depends on the customer's requirements. It can be changed into iron plate or plexiglass plate.

3. Electronic ruler can be installed on the right side of the working table and on the upper and lower corners, which can be installed to facilitate the needs of customers.

4. The screw hole on the work table can be used for customer positioning, which is denied by the product.

Fault 7: run-time run-out and roughly fixed position


The following reasons and elimination methods:

1. The belt is stretched and deformed for too long -- replace it with a new belt.

2. There is dirt in the pinion groove of the gear reducer of the big and small wheels -- clean up the dirt in the pinion groove.

3. Drive shaft pinion gear has dirt -- clean drive shaft gear groove dirt.

Fault 8: the start and end of the closed line do not close


There are several reasons:

1. The belt is loose -- tighten the belt.

2. The connection between gear and shaft is loose -- tighten it again.

3. X-axis guide rail and Y-axis guide rail are not vertical -- adjust the verticality of X-axis and Y-axis guide rail.

4. Large clearance between the slider and guide -- replace the slider.

Fault 9: in case of failure to cut through


There are several reasons and elimination methods as follows:

1. Vertical optical aberration -- adjust the vertical light and readjust the light path if necessary.

2. Improper focus adjustment -- refocus.

3. The voltage is unstable and the laser current is too small at a low voltage. Replace the larger voltage regulator and increase the laser current output.

4. The light outlet of the gas nozzle is blocked by sputtering material -- cleaning the gas nozzle.

5. Protect air impassability -- clean air pump, air filter, check air circulation path.

6. Contaminated mirror and focusing lens -- clean the mirror and focusing lens with cleaning fluid.

7. Laser tube power reduction -- replace the laser tube.

8. Light control module failure on the motherboard -- replace the motherboard.

9. Potentiometer equipment, potentiometer setting is too small or self-fault -- adjust potentiometer setting or replace potentiometer.

10. The energy setting in the software is too small -- to increase the energy.

11. Material issues -- please choose the right material

12. Cracked or poor focusing lens -- replace the focusing lens.

13. Too much dirt in the laser tube has poor heat dissipation effect -- use pure water.

Laser marking machine

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