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Three spindle CNC Router Machine with Rotary axis
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The CNC router machine AKM1325R-3 is equipped with three spindles, each of which works independently. When the first spindle tool completes the first process, the second spindle tool will run the next process according to the program settings, and the three spindles can be automatically replaced according to the engraving needs, so it is also called an automatic tool change CNC router machine. This multi-process ATC CNC router machine is very suitable for processing complex patterns on the one sheet, without the need to stop the machine for manual tool change, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the workshop.
Another advantage of the CNC router machine AKM1325R-3 is the addition of a rotary axis device on one side of the machine. This CNC router machine with a rotating axis is also known as a 4-axis router machine. Due to the rotational motion of the 4th rotation axis, the CNC router machine can realize 3D machining of cylindrical surfaces and arc surfaces. In terms of use, it can process planes, reliefs and cylinders, and has a wider range of applications.
Multi-process CNC router machine has 2-4 spindles that can be added, if your engraving and cutting work is more complex and needs more tools to complete, we recommend you to choose a CNC router machine with automatic tool changer, it can load 4-12 tools at your disposal. To learn more about the CNC router machines, you can communicate online.

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