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Padel Racket CNC Router Machine AKM5030-6H drilling process
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The racket drilling CNC machine tool produced by ACCTEK adopts a fully enclosed structure, which can reduce noise and dust when working, and is safer. The racket cnc router machine can be opened before and after the door, which is convenient for the installation and maintenance of the machine. It professionally used for beach racket production and processing, mainly for professional racket drilling of carbon fiber, wood, MDF, PP and other materials, scientific and reasonable, high precision, and good quality.
The padel racket drilling machine AKM5030-6H uses a special fixture to fix the padel racket, and the pneumatic clamp is equipped with rubber material, which can effectively avoid scratches on the surface of the material when the racket is clamped. This CNC machine is available with 6 spindles, 8 spindles and 16 spindles, and multiple spindles can perform racket drilling at the same time, which is suitable for mass production.
Professional padel racket CNC router machine can ensure more precise drilling and higher quality rackets.

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