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High-end ATC CNC Router tool changing and cutting video
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The ATC CNC router AKM1530C3 is equipped with a linear auto tool changer with 8 tools. Don’t need to change tools manually when machine works, which improves work efficiency. It is very suitable for complex and large-scale engraving processing. The spindle adopts the Italian HSD brand, and the 9.0KW high-power air-cooled spindle has good axial stability, which is very suitable for the engraving of fine patterns. Equipped with Yaskawa servo motor, it has resonance suppression function to ensure that the machine runs smoothly at high speed.
ATC CNC  router machine can be used in various industries, such as furniture and home improvement, wooden handicrafts, cabinets, screens, advertising, musical instruments and other processing industries. The materials that can be processed are mainly wood, plastic, acrylic, MDF, insulating materials and other non-metallic materials.

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