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Which worktable of CNC Router Machine is better
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Woodworking CNC router
CNC router machines are mainly divided into aluminum profile table engraving machines and vacuum adsorption table engraving machines according to their table tops. The former is to use aluminum profile as the table top, and the engraving workpiece needs to be fixed manually with rivets. This fixing method is slow and needs to be re-fixed every time the material is changed. But for small-sized materials, the fixing method of the T-slot table is more convenient.
The vacuum adsorption table uses a vacuum pump to fix the material. Place the material on the vacuum table and turn on the vacuum pump to fix the material through gas adsorption. In this way, the fixing of the board is firmer and saves time. For batch processing of large plates, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the workshop. Of course, what type of CNC woodworking engraving machine to choose depends on the processing materials and processing technology.
The vacuum table CNC router machine is composed of a vacuum table, a vacuum zone control switch and a vacuum pump. There are multiple suction holes on the vacuum table, and the bottom of the table is connected with a vacuum pump through a pipe. They make the CNC machine have a adsorption function. Therefore, when the worker puts the plate on the vacuum worktable of the CNC engraving machine, the processed material can be firmly adsorbed on the worktable by the negative pressure generated by the vacuum pump. The whole process takes less than 10 seconds, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
 Vacuum table CNC router
However, not all plates are suitable for fixing by vacuum adsorption, and it is not suitable for hollow processing, or for engraved workpieces with curved and uneven plates. The vacuum table is suitable for processing wood boards of about 30mm. If it is too thick, the adsorption effect will decrease.
The vacuum table is divided into multiple areas, generally divided into four, six or eight areas, which can greatly enhance the adsorption function of the table. The woodworking CNC router AKM1325 usually has 4 areas. The larger the machine size, the more areas. Each zone has its corresponding switch, and we can easily open and close the vacuum zone through the controller. When we process the plates, open the vacuum switch and the plates will be directly fixed, which saves a lot of time than manual fixing, and the fixing is more stable. It is suitable for wooden door processing and large-scale plate relief carving.
The power of commonly used vacuum pumps is mostly 5.5KW or 7.5KW. Your CNC engraving machine is larger in size. You can choose multiple vacuum pumps to achieve a good sheet adsorption effect.
Through the above introduction, you can understand the advantages of the vacuum table CNC router machine. But not all processing is suitable for the use of vacuum table. If the shape of the material you need to process is irregular, or the processing technology is hollow, the T-slot table will be more suitable for your work.
The T-slot CNC router machine is suitable for home decoration such as hollow partitions and screens. When processing small plates, T-slot table is also more suitable. In order to obtain a better suction effect using a vacuum table, it is necessary to block other unused suction holes, which is more time-consuming than using T-slot fixtures.
In ACCTEK CNC Machinery, many customers will choose T-slot and vacuum combined worktable, so that the plates that can be processed are more abundant, and the processing techniques that can be completed are more. When choosing a CNC router machine, you must choose a suitable engraving equipment according to your own processing needs.

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