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Which CNC machine should you use for your wood carving work
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Woodcarving is an art and a practical technique. The most common are all kinds of wooden furniture, tables and chairs, wooden doors and other products in our lives. In addition, many crafts and decorations are also made by carving wood.
Compared with other materials, wood products have a more natural texture, and the works that are loved by the public are produced through carvings with different textures. Of course, different woodcarving industries need to use different CNC router machines for work. This post introduces a variety of CNC engraving machines suitable for woodcarving work. You can use it as a reference for starting a woodcarving project.

Wood furniture industry

If you are in the wood furniture industry, whether it is making cabinets, wardrobes, tables, chairs, and wooden doors, a standard woodworking CNC router AKM1325 is your best choice. Because the size of furniture panels are generally large, the work table of 1300×2500 is a foundation.
The woodworking engraving machine can carry out the carving of the surface pattern of the board and the cutting of the board, providing you with high-quality materials for furniture production. If you also need to process cylindrical materials such as table legs and Roman columns, you can add a rotary axis device to the CNC machine, which can well complete the engraving work of cylindrical materials.
In addition to the carving and cutting of plates, woodworking cnc router can also hollow out and perforate patterns, and process furniture such as screens and partition cabinets for you.
3 Axis CNC router for wood

Wooden sign billboard

If you go to a coffee shop or a bookstore, you will see exquisite wooden signs at the door with the shop name and beautiful patterns carved on it. This kind of wooden sign is not only practical, but also decorative.
To achieve such a design, you need a high-precision laser engraving machine. Because wooden signs are usually small, a small size laser machine can do the job for you.
The laser engraving machine uses the CO2 laser beam to engrave exquisite patterns on the wood board for you, using a non-contact engraving method, which will not deform the material.
Laser engraving machine for wood

Wooden decorations

Wooden crafts are loved by many young people. Whether to decorate their own rooms or give them as gifts to friends, wood carvings are a good choice.
In order to complete wood carving works more efficiently, a 5-axis CNC engraving machine is a very good helper. The 5-axis cnc router machine is good at space surface processing and special-shaped processing. It can complete complex engraving needs for special-shaped artworks in one clamping. The workpieces processed by the 5-axis cnc machine have higher precision and better quality.
5 axis cnc router for 3D wood
The woodcarving industry is a very broad field, and different processing needs have different requirements for CNC router machines. Each of ACCTEK CNC machines has its own exclusive field, whether it is furniture, musical instruments, handicrafts or toys, only by choosing the right CNC engraving equipment for your workshop can you bring you the greatest benefits.

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