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How to quickly start running the ARTCAM of CNC Router
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ARTCAM software product series is a unique CAD modeling and CNC, CAM processing solution produced by British Delcam company, widely used in CNC engraving production, mold manufacturing, packaging design and sign making and other fields. Fast calculations with ARTCAM result in precise toolpaths, resulting in significant savings in production time and increased profits. Users can make real models without spending time and money, and designers can intuitively see the real design results through the screen.
Almost all the tool paths generated by ARTCAM are suitable for the control software of the CNC router machine. You only need to select the output format according to the files supported by the CNC machine. ARTCAM software can create various engraving paths quickly and flexibly, so how to quickly start and run ARTCAM? You can follow the steps below.

ArtCAM fast start and running

1. Start a new model then set XY size and start origin point(usually on left bottom corner)
ArtCAM start and running
2. Draw any shape and edit the size and position by click transform vector
ArtCAM start and running
3. Edit the position to start point by picture shows below and the size as well.
ArtCAM start and running
4. Choose the vector and click toolpaths - 2D toolpath - profile and edit the parameters.
ArtCAM start and running
5. Choose the tool you will need to use then edit the speed and step down. During test run on CNC router, suggest choose spindle speed 18000 and feedrate 4000mm/min, plunge rate 1000.
ArtCAM start and running
6. Calculate the toolpath and save.
ArtCAM start and running
7. Choose a post processor and save the gcode, usually choose
ArtCAM start and running
8. After save the gcode you can open it in text and check.
As we see below g code, Z cut 2mm down and working speed is 4000, spindle speed is 18000. Put this file into controller and set proper start point then you can test run the CNC router.
ArtCAM start and running
With the development of technology and the needs of production, the use of CNC router is becoming more and more common. It can carry out more precise automatic processing of materials such as engraving, cutting, drilling and milling. In order to meet different processing needs, ACCTEK is good at customizing multifunctional CNC machines for customers. For example, add a oscillating knife tool to the gantry of the CNC router to cut cloth and leather; or add a plasma cutting gun to the gantry to cut thick metals.
The functions of the CNC router are very diverse. No matter what industry you are in, as long as you are engraving and cutting materials, the CNC machine will provide you with great help.

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