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How to avoid laser welding machine protective lens from being burned
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We all know that laser welding machine is an efficient and precise welding method that uses high energy density laser beam as heat source. Due to the advantages of precise positioning and firm welding, laser welding technology has been successfully used in various welding industries. Including kitchen utensils, fitness equipment, auto parts, car body and other industrial fields.
Laser welding machine
However, when some users use the laser welding machine, the protective lens will often be burned out. Faced with this problem, how should we avoid and solve it?
The protective lens of the fiber laser welder itself is a consumable item and must therefore be replaced regularly. However, if the welding process or welding parameters are wrong, the laser welding machine protective lens is more likely to burn out. However, these human factors are avoidable.
In order to prevent the protective lens from burning out frequently due to improper use of the laser welding system, we can solve this problem through the following methods, thereby extending the life of the protective lens of the laser welding machine.
1. Increase the air pressure accordingly. Normally, the flow rate is not less than 15 and the pressure is not less than 4. It is recommended to use an oxygen manometer of at least 2kg.
2. When welding, try to keep the laser welding gun and plate at 45° welding angle, not vertical.
3. When setting the laser welding parameters, try to give a slow rise and a slow fall. For example, set the gas-on delay and gas-off delay to 200-500ms, the light-on power and the light-off power to 20%, the light-on progressive time and the light-off progressive time to be set to 200-300ms, and 0 cannot be set.
4. When laser welding aluminum and galvanized sheets, this material damages the lens more easily than other materials, and the minimum power should be used for welding.
5. The quality of the protective mirror of the fiber laser welder also determines the durability of its use. It is recommended to use the original lens.
6. Under high power, compared with low power, the loss of the laser protection lens increases, which is an uncontrollable area;
7. If none of the above problems can be solved, replace the F200 focusing mirror + lengthened and wide tube to reduce weld slag spatter.
Laser welding machine has become the main products of welding equipment in the industrial field. Good routine maintenance can reduce your operating and repair costs. Follow ACCTEK LASER to learn more about Laser Welding Machine.

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