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How to adjust the diagonal precision of CNC Router Machine
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CNC router machine is more and more used in various fields because of their high precision, simple operation, and both engraving and cutting features. Many industries need the help of CNC machine tools to process different products and achieve different process requirements in the process of processing and production. For example, the most commonly used are home decoration industry, advertising industry, wooden handicraft industry, mold processing industry and so on.
Since it is used in industrial production, users must have high requirements for the precision of CNC router machines. On the one hand, the machining accuracy of the machine is related to the configuration, such as the structure of the bed, the stability of the system, the type of drive motor, the quality of the guide screw and so on. On the other hand, it is the assembly factor of the workshop technicians of the CNC router manufacturer, and the assembly factor accounts for a large proportion of the influence of the machine accuracy. For the same accessories, the CNC engraving machine produced by different workers are also different.
Therefore, when you buy a CNC router machine, in addition to the price factor, the strength and after-sales service of the manufacturer also need to be within your inspection scope. High-quality machines can ensure that you will not waste extra maintenance time and maintenance costs during use.
Then when it comes to the accuracy of the CNC engraving machine, there is another factor that is very important, that is, the parameter setting. When setting the parameters of the CNC engraving machine, if the debugging is not accurate, it will cause errors in the machine accuracy. For woodworking CNC router, the most common problem is the diagonal accuracy. Once the diagonal line is inaccurate, the product produced will definitely be unqualified. For example, if you want to machine a square workpiece, the result may be a parallelogram; or you want to machine a perfect circle, and the result is an ellipse, which does not meet the desired size and accuracy at all. Therefore, the correct adjustment of the diagonal precision is very important for the basic use of the CNC wood router. Next, we will show you how the Syntec control system measures and adjusts the diagonal.


1. Mill a big rectangle or mark four rectangle corner point on a board, measure the exactly diagonal between each corner point, check which case it turn to, A or B.
Step 1
2. MPG move Y to Machine Y +100.000.
Step 2
3. Loose 3 bolts each side gantry, one with washer, two without.
Step 3
4. Change parameter index 44 from 1 to 0.
ATTENTION: after changing, two Y side motors will run opposite ways.
Step 4
5. If your diagonal is case A, and yellow line is for example 5mm longer than green line.
Adjust MPG to Y and x1, slowly jog cw direction, till screen show Machine Y +102.000.
Then must change parameter 44 back to 1.
And just fix both side washer bolt and test diagonal again.
Step 5
6. If your diagonal is case B, and green line is longer 5mm, then MPG jog counterclockwise direction to Machine +98.000.
7. Adjusting the diagonal is a delicate job, it’s always good to write down each measurement and time to tracking, this usually take few times adjustment.
Step 7
8. After all done please fix all bolts tight.
Step 8
The parameter setting of the woodworking CNC router is very important. If the parameters are not adjusted correctly, the operation will be abnormal, and the machine may be damaged or malfunctioned more seriously. If you encounter problems when using the CNC router machine, ACCTEK recommends that you do not arbitrarily adjust the parameters. You can contact the CNC router manufacturer to carry out debugging operations under the guidance of technical engineers.

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