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Laser welding machine for aluminum alloy doors and windows
Aluminum alloy has high specific strength, specific stiffness and good corrosion resistance, so aluminum alloy doors and windows occupy a large proportion in the door and window market, and the welding process is a necessary step in the manufacturing process of aluminum alloy doors and windows. However, the traditional welding method is prone to pores or hot cracks, and it is difficult to ensure the quality of aluminum alloy doors and windows.
The laser welding process has obvious advantages in the welding of aluminum alloy doors and windows. Laser welding aluminum alloy has fast processing speed, small thermal deformation, and smooth welding surface, which can meet the manufacturing requirements of aluminum alloy doors and windows.
From the point of view of welding requirements, the welding surface should not be dented, and there should be no welding defects such as cracks and pores. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the treatment of the head and tail points during the welding process. There must be no key phenomenon in the welding of the door frame, otherwise the door frame will have defects after grinding. The use of laser wire filler welding can reduce the generation of welding defects.
ACCTEK 2000W high-power laser welding machine has fast welding speed and beautiful welding seam. It is a good helper for welding stainless steel doors and windows. The machine adopts a hand-held welding gun, which is light in weight, small in size, ergonomically designed, and comfortable to hold. The connection cable between the welding gun and the machine is up to 10m, which can easily complete the welding work of any metal project in the workshop without moving the machine.
Portable fiber laser welding machines excel in welding a wide variety of sheet metal and tubes. For the production of aluminum alloy doors and windows in the workshop, the production efficiency can be greatly improved.

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