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Laser Welding Machine Precautions for the use
Laser welding machines are widely used in various industries and are one of the most commonly used laser processing equipment. Because laser welding machines have very good welding efficiency, they are favored by industrial users and begin to gradually replace traditional welding equipment.
The size of the heat-affected zone, the beauty of the weld, and the welding efficiency are important indicators for judging the quality of the welding process. If the laser welding machine is not properly operated, the welding efficiency will be greatly reduced, and even the normal use of the welding machine will be affected. This article introduces the common problems and solutions of laser welding, and hopes to help you use the laser welding machine correctly.
1. The protective gas is too large
Solution: adjust the gas flow of the protective gas.
2. The focusing lens of the laser welding machine is contaminated or damaged
Solution: Clean or replace the focusing lens and protective lens.
3. The laser is not output at the center of the air nozzle under the focusing head
Solution: Adjust the 45-degree reflective diaphragm to make the laser output from the center of the air nozzle.
4. Laser offset of main path of laser welding machine
Solution: adjust the main road full-reflection and semi-reflection diaphragms, use image paper to check and adjust the light spot.
5. The defocus amount of the focusing mirror of the laser welding machine is too large
Solution: adjust the defocus amount to the position close to the focus, but be careful not to have splashes.
6. The resonator diaphragm of the laser is contaminated or damaged
Solution: Clean or replace the resonator reflective diaphragm.
7. The shutter does not pop open
Solution: Check the shutter and add lubricating oil to the connector to make the connector mechanically smooth.
In addition, when using the laser welding machine, pay attention to replacing the cooling water in time to ensure a good cooling effect. The operation of laser welding machine is very simple, as long as you master the correct method and pay attention to daily maintenance, it can provide you with stable welding quality and longer service life.

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