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Handheld laser welding cleaning machine industrial applications
Handheld laser welding cleaning machine is welcomed by many users as a CNC laser equipment integrating welding, cleaning and cutting. This is because its versatility can help users save a lot of time, which can lead to wider applications in practical applications.
The handheld laser welding gun can not only weld flat metal, but also weld steel pipe. Laser welding products are firm and durable, and the welds are beautiful. There are more than 30 kinds of process parameters stored in the process library of ACCTEK 3 in 1 handheld laser welding machine. You only need to select the corresponding mode according to the application scenario, and you do not need to set welding parameters frequently, which is very convenient to use. In addition, ACCTEK engineers can also provide you with dozens of welding parameters for reference, which can greatly save your testing time before welding.
The hand-held laser welding gun is equipped with an intelligent monitoring system, which can provide early warning and self-protection. By monitoring the temperature of the protective lens, damage to the laser can be effectively avoided, saving you maintenance time and maintenance costs.
The handheld laser welding gun can provide users with welding and cutting functions, just need you to set different parameters. Since it is done manually when metal cutting is done, the cutting speed and stability can have a big impact on the cutting results. The cutting function on hand-held laser welding machines is often used for temporary metal cutting operations. For example, when you complete an iron box shell with a laser welding machine, you need to perforate a certain place or cut off excess corners. At this time, you can easily complete your cutting needs with a hand-held laser cutting head.
If you want to switch the laser cleaning function, you need to replace the laser welding head with the laser cleaning head, and then switch the laser welding mode to the laser cleaning mode. It should be noted that when you replace the laser head, you should choose a dust-free environment to avoid contamination of the lens.
The video shows you the welding function and cleaning rust removal function of the laser welding cleaning machine. Choosing such a 3 in 1 laser equipment can make your work more efficient and convenient.

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