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Small Laser Metal Cutting Machine Cutting Sheet Metal Video
The working size of fiber laser cutting machine is usually 1500x3000mm, which is 5x10 inches. What you see in the video of this article is a small laser metal cutting machine with a table size of 600x1000mm. This small laser cutting machine is suitable for processing small metal workpieces such as metal ornaments, lighting, auto parts, hardware, advertising signs and so on.
In this video, our factory laser machine operator shows you the process of AKJ6010F1 fiber laser cutting machine processing stainless steel, carbon steel common metal and cutting copper, aluminum high reflective metal. Open the video and you can clearly understand their cutting effect. The following introduces the features of this small laser metal cutting machine, if your workshop needs to process small metal workpieces, it will be your best choice.
The fiber laser cutting machine AKJ6010F1 is equipped with a 2000W laser generator, which can cut carbon steel within 16mm thickness and stainless steel within 8mm thickness. Because users need to cut high-reflection metal plates such as copper and aluminum in addition to ordinary metal plates, we recommend customers to use JPT fiber lasers. The laser of this brand is not easy to be damaged when cutting highly reflective materials, if you pursue higher performance in terms of cutting speed and cutting accuracy, you can choose IPG fiber laser cutting machine. It gives you faster metal cutting and finer edge quality.
This small laser cutting machine uses an Au3tech autofocus laser cutting head, which is specially designed for laser power up to 2000W. It supports multiple interfaces including QBH QD and QCS. Au3tech laser cutting head adopts precise optical components, which can ensure excellent and stable beam quality. The perfect water-cooling structure ensures the cooling effect of the optical lens; the advanced dust-proof design effectively avoids the intrusion of dust. These advantages can extend the life of the laser lens and reduce the maintenance cost of the machine.
The fiber laser cutting machine we provide you also has a feature, that is, the Y-axis on both sides of the machine is installed with flame-retardant protective sheet metal. These flame-retardant protective sheet metals are made of stainless steel, which can ensure that users will not catch fire due to sparks splashing on the Y-axis dust cover when using laser cutting metal materials. It makes the entire metal workpiece manufacturing process safer.
Fiber laser cutters are the best choice for finishing precision machining of metal projects. The metal laser cutting machines produced by ACCTEK LASER can be customized according to user needs, allowing you to obtain a suitable metal cutting equipment with the best budget.

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