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Laser Marking Machine carving photo in wood
Laser marking machine is favored by more and more users with the advantages of fine and beautiful marking effect and high work efficiency. There are many photos that use laser marking machines now, such as making photos on metal pendants, carving on wood and so on.
The laser marking machine is controlled by computer marking software. Users can edit various text pictures through the computer, and support jpg, png and other picture formats. The photos we take with our mobile phones can also be marked with exquisite effects through the marking software control system. First, edit photos through ps, adc, cdr and other software, and then print the effect through the marking software of the laser marking machine, and the text can be edited directly on the marking software. So how does it work?
First prepare a high-definition photo (the pixel of the low photo is too low to produce a good effect), import it into the laser marking machine, and then we set the relevant parameters.
Fixed DPI value. DPI is simply a pixel point. The higher the value set in it, the better the effect and the slower the relative time. The commonly used parameters here are between 300 and 600. Of course, you can set a higher value. You can use it as a reference here.
Set related photo parameters. In most cases, we need to set the inversion and dot mode for the photo (there will also be cases where the inversion is not selected, and it is necessary to set the inversion under normal circumstances). After setting, enter the extension, check the brightening treatment, and the contrast adjustment is to control the ideal effect of the photo, the white area is not marked, and the black area is marked. Let's look at the scan mode. The commonly used dot mode setting is 0.5, and bidirectional scanning is generally not recommended.
Set the laser marker power. The speed on the right is set to about 2000, the power is about 40 (the power is determined according to the material of the product, and the power can be set higher if the phone case is taking photos), and the frequency is about 30. The higher the frequency, the denser the dots come out of the laser.
Laser marking machine is very easy to carve photos on metal or wood, watch the video to understand the effect of photo marking.

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