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Influence of fiber laser cutting machine parameters on cutting quality
The parameter settings of the fiber laser cutting machine include cutting speed, power, air pressure, etc. Different parameter settings have certain influence on cutting quality. This article analyzes the relationship between different factors and cutting quality.
cutting speed
The higher the speed of the fiber laser cutting machine, the shorter the cutting time, and the higher the production efficiency of the metal project. However, when other parameters are fixed, there is no linear relationship between laser cutting speed and cutting quality. Reasonable cutting speed is a range value. Below this range, the energy of the laser beam is left too much on the surface of the part, resulting in excessive burning. If the value is out of range, the energy of the laser beam will not have enough time to completely melt the part material, resulting in an impenetrable cut.
focus position
The laser output is finally focused by the lens on the point of highest power density. The focal spot diameter is proportional to the focal depth of the focusing lens. The focus of the fiber laser cutting machine is set according to different thicknesses in different positions. Correct focus position is an important condition to obtain stable cutting quality. The cutting quality of laser cutting is related to the laser beam and the characteristics of the laser beam focusing system, that is, the size of the laser beam after laser focusing has a great influence on the quality of laser cutting.
Auxiliary gas pressure
Appropriate air pressure of the auxiliary gas helps to speed up the laser cutting speed, and the size of the air pressure will also affect the cutting efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine. If the thickness of the laser cutting material increases or the cutting speed is slow, the air pressure should be appropriately reduced. Cut with lower air pressure to prevent frosting.
Nozzle distance
The distance from the nozzle to the metal plate is measured in terms of flow and pressure. Too far away the gas blowing force is too large, and the exhaust gas flow is too large, which will affect the splash. A suitable distance is 0.8-1.0mm. Choose different types of nozzles according to different material thicknesses.
When the various parameters of the fiber laser cutting machine are adjusted to the most suitable conditions, the best metal cutting quality can be obtained.

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