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Fiber laser cutting machine for cutting metal tube sheet
The video shows you a 3000W Raycus fiber laser cutting machine with a rotary axis device. Its biggest feature is that it can cut both metal pipes and metal plates. From the video you can see the process of laser cutting stainless steel square tube and round tube, the speed is very fast, and the cut workpiece can be put into use directly without secondary processing.
The rotary axis device used for pipe cutting has a very high degree of automation. It can fully realize symmetrical and independent automatic clamping through the chuck. No manual intervention and adjustment are required in the entire clamping process of the metal pipe, which is very convenient. This plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine has greater flexibility, can process more types of metals, and has a wider range of applications.
Advantages of plate and tube fiber laser cutting machine
1. The entire process of laser cutting metal is completed by programming software, controlled by numerical control system, and the operation is very simple.
2. The processing speed of the fiber laser metal cutting machine is dozens of times that of the traditional processing method, which can realize batch processing. During the processing, the conversion of cutting boards and tubes can be carried out at any time, and the production efficiency is extremely high.
3. The laser cutting metal tube has the effect of high precision. The cutting section is smooth, the cutting seam is small, and the overall workpiece cost is not deformed, which can be directly used in the next process.
4. The plate tube laser cutting machine can complete multiple processes of tube cutting and plate cutting, which can not only reduce the cost of adding new equipment, but also reduce the floor space of the machine.
5. The metal cutting laser machine adopts advanced brand fiber laser and electronic components to ensure the stability of the vertical pipe cutting device of the equipment, and the daily maintenance cost is low.
6. It can cut stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet, copper, brass and other metal materials with high speed and high precision. Compared with traditional metal cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting machine has the lowest cost loss.
The flexibility of the laser plate and tube cutting machine provides technical support for personalized processing, and its versatility makes it the equipment of choice for companies processing metal projects.

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