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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for metal plate and tube
The video shows you a 4000W fiber laser cutting machine. Equipped with exchange platform, rotary axis and full enclosure structure, this machine is a multifunctional metal laser cutting machine.
Advantage 1: Dual worktable/exchange platform
The 4000W fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with double worktables, when one of the worktable is performing metal cutting operations, the user can place the material on the second tabletop. After finishing the previous metal project, you can directly start the second metal cutting project. It is easier to change materials, save time and improve efficiency.
Advantage 2: Full enclosure structure
This metal laser cutting machine has a full enclosure design. It not only protects the safety of machine operators, but also helps to discharge smoke when cutting metal, which is more environmentally friendly. Install the monitoring system inside the machine, you can know the cutting process in real time on the external screen, which is safe and convenient.
Advantage 3: Rotary axis device
Adding a rotary axis device to one side of the fiber laser cutting machine can enable the machine to cut metal plates and metal tubes, with more diversified functions. Both sides of the rotating shaft are designed with electric clamps, which can automatically stretch the material and adjust the position of the metal tube. Make sure the thin tube is not damaged and the cut is more precise. Fiber laser cutting machines with rotary axis offer greater flexibility to meet the production demands of many industries.
The video shows you the processing process of the fiber laser cutting machine, including cutting carbon steel, cutting copper, and cutting stainless steel tubes. You can see that it has fast cutting speed and high cutting efficiency, and at the same time, the edge of the workpiece after cutting is smooth without burrs, and the effect is very good.
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