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CO2 Laser Cutting Machine with Auto feeding roller device
In the clothing production industry, large-scale processing of fabrics requires high-efficiency production equipment. ACCTEK has an automatic feeding laser cutting machine AKJ1610. This laser cutting machine adopting high speed, high precision stepper motor, automatic feed, automatically capture the border and cutting speed is 2.5 times than of the traditional, which is the best choice of modern high-speed fully automatic large enterprise.
The advantages and configurations of the automatic feeding laser cutting machine.
Famous brand - Reci 80w laser tube
China famous Brand- Reci Glass Sealed Laser Tube, water cooling way. High stability, longer lifetime up to 10000 hours.
Automatic roller table and feeding device. 
This laser cutting machine adopt crawler working table and negative pressure absorb conveyor, make sure the smooth of materials when cutting. Working with auto feeding system, can meet the requirements for continuous and automatic batch cutting.
The laser cutting machine can install multiple laser heads, improve work efficiency.
Auto feeding laser cutting machine is applicable to printed brand, electronic panel, mask, textile brand(woven label), cutting after embroidering of embroidery and such multitudinous industrializations application. Specially caters to small batch and much varieties garment fabrics cutting, especially suitable for made-to-measure clothing.

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