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Application of fabric laser cutting machine in clothing industry
CO2 laser cutting machine gradually has been widely used in the textile and clothing industry, thanks to its precision machining, fast, simple operation and high degree of automation.
Especially after the rapid development in recent years, laser cutting technology in the textile and apparel applications reached a new height. When laser processing textiles, the laser beam melts the edges of the fabric as it goes, ensuring the fabric won't fray. Aside from textiles and even leather, other materials like wood, acrylic, stone and paper can be easily processed with a laser machine. 
ACCTEK CO2 laser cutting machine has stable quality and low price, which is very suitable for fabric processing by clothing manufacturers. When laser cutting textiles, the material fuses. This ensures you have clean, perfectly sealed edges every time.
Synthetic fabrics respond the best to laser processing. The laser beam physically melts polyester in a controlled manner, resulting in a fibre-free and sealed edge - you won't have to worry about fraying! 
Organic fabrics, including cotton and linen, will finish with a brownish, discoloured edge - it is very similar to engraving wood. This effect can be partially compensated by selecting the correct lens prior to processing, and always make sure you are using the right laser parameters and compressed air. 
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