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application analysis of laser cutting machine
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1) application industry of laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machine is very widely used, a lot of industry, and is a lot of enterprises must be one of the necessary equipment, including advertising signs production, sheet metal processing, sheet metal processing contains basic all of metal materials, the general is mainly bending, grinding, such as cutting is one of the most important procedure), chassis cabinets production (generally useful to carbon steel or stainless steel, this also is mainly bending and cutting two cutting process), leaf spring, tube parts, elevator, machinery and equipment shell, shell and kitchen utensils,It is widely used in sheet metal processing, advertisement sign making, high and low voltage electrical cabinet making, mechanical parts, kitchenware, automobile, machinery, metal crafts, saw blades, electrical parts, glasses industry, spring plate, circuit board, electric kettle, medical microelectronics, hardware, knife measuring tools and other industries.

The application of laser machining technology in advertising industry mainly includes laser cutting and laser engraving.

Laser engraving: mainly on the surface of the object, divided into bitmap engraving and vector engraving:

Bitmap carving: we first in PHOTOSHOP we need to carve the graphics for net processing and into monochrome BMP format, and then in the special laser engraving cutting software to open the graphics file.According to the material we process, we can set the appropriate parameters, and then click to run, the laser engraving machine will be engraved according to the graphics file produced by the lattice effect.

Vector engraving: use vector software such as Coreldraw, AutoCad, Iluustrator and other typesetting design, and export the graphics into PLT, DXF, AI format, marking machine, and then use the special laser cutting and engraving software to open the graphics file, send it to the laser engraving machine for processing.

In the advertising industry is mainly applicable to the processing of wood, double - color board, plexiglass, colored paper and other materials.

Laser cutting: we can understand as the separation of the edge.For such processing purposes, we should first make the graphics into the form of vector lines in CORELDRAW and AUTOCAD, and then save them into the corresponding PLT and DXF formats, open the file with the operation software of the laser cutting machine, and then run it after setting the parameters such as energy and speed according to the materials we process.The laser cutting machine receives instructions from a computer and automatically cuts according to the flight path generated by the software.For example, the existing laser cutting machine can draw a good template according to the computer, and then directly input the computer, automatic cutting graphics.Existing laser cutting machines generally have their own hard drives and can enter a large number of data sources.


2) laser cutting machine can cut the following materials

With the development of laser cutting technology, the application of laser cutting field is more and more extensive, and the applicable materials are more and more.But different materials have different characteristics, so when using laser cutting need to pay attention to different matters.

1. The structural steel

Better results are obtained when the material is cut with oxygen.When oxygen is used as a processing gas, the cutting edge is slightly oxidized.Nitrogen can be used as a processing gas for high-pressure cutting of plates with thickness up to 4mm.In this case, the cut edge will not be oxidized.The thickness of the plate is more than 10mm, the use of special plate for the laser and in the processing of the workpiece surface oil can get a better effect.

2. The stainless steel

Cutting stainless steel requires: the use of oxygen, in the case of marginal oxidation does not matter;Nitrogen is used to get a no-oxidation, no-burr edge, and no further treatment is required.Coating the oil film on the surface of the plate will get better perforation effect without reducing the processing quality.

3. Aluminum

Despite its high reflectivity and thermal conductivity, aluminum with a thickness of less than 6mm can be cut, depending on the alloy type and laser capability.When cut with oxygen, the cutting surface is rough and hard.When nitrogen is used, the cutting surface is smooth.Pure aluminum, because its high purity is very difficult to cut, should only be cut when a "reflection and absorption" device is installed on the system.Otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical component.

4. Titanium

Titanium plates are cut using argon and nitrogen as the processing gas.

5. Copper and brass

Both materials have high reflectivity and excellent thermal conductivity.Brass up to 1mm thick can be cut with nitrogen;Copper with a thickness of less than 2mm can be cut, and oxygen must be used to process gas.Copper and brass should be cut only when a "reflection and absorption" device is installed on the system.Otherwise the reflection will destroy the optical component.

6. Synthetic materials

Keep in mind the risks of cutting and possible discharge of hazardous materials when cutting synthetic materials.The available synthetic materials are thermoplastics, thermosetting materials and synthetic rubber.

7. Organic matter

There is a risk of ignition in all organic cutting (nitrogen as the processing gas, or compressed air as the processing gas).Wood, leather, cardboard and paper can be cut with a laser and the cutting edges will burn (brown).

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