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Why are laser cutting machines so popular
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    Nowadays, with the rapid upgrading of products, higher requirements have been put forward for the flexibility of processing equipment.The application of laser cutting machine brings a new life to the processing industry.
    Compared with traditional CNC punches, laser cutters have 3C, 3S advantages :Cool, Clean, Calm, Sure, Savety, Saving, but in the entire processing market, laser cutters are on a par with CNC punches. Why?So the following introduces five related knowledge, let us understand the laser cutting machine and CNC punch.
    1, processing materials
    Laser cutting machine can cut metal materials (including black metal, non-ferrous metal, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy), non-metal materials (acrylic, plastic, wood, cloth, leather, carpet, etc.) materials.Can be cut up to 20mm thick carbon steel.
    CNC punch press basically can only stamping metal materials, the thickness is generally not more than 6mm.
    2, processing flexibility
    From the perspective of flexibility, laser cutting machine has more advantages, can cut any shape, size of the hole;And the punch can only punch a limited number of specifications of the hole (32 station turret calculate big), in the case of special-shaped hole size, the use of small die step punching process, low efficiency, die wear serious.
    In order to adapt to the processing needs of different products, CNC punches must purchase a number of molds (different sizes, the same size but for different thickness of the material), and further, must also prepare a warehouse for the mold storage, which increases the mold management requirements.In addition, CNC punch has higher requirements on the flatness and surface cleanliness of the plate.
    3. Accuracy and roughness
    Laser cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, no stress, no deformation, positioning accuracy ±0.03mm, workpiece precision 0.1mm, the cutting section is fine and smooth;Nc punching machine machining accuracy is a little poor, punching cutting surface burr, workpiece deformation.
    4. Efficiency and cost
    A factory used punch + shears originally, the shears need to be transferred to the punch after cutting, compared with the laser cutting machine, requires more manpower.
    Compared with laser cutting machine (3 kw) fiber laser and punch all the costs: electricity, consumables (laser cutting machine consumables are focusing mirror, ceramic body, nozzle, reflector, the gas of consumables such as punch mould, etc.), artificial, equipment depreciation, it is concluded that as a result, laser cutting machine costs 179 yuan/hour, punch 174 RMB/hour.
    According to the estimation of the processing efficiency of all sheet metal parts (carbon steel, thickness of 1.5 ~ 3mm) in a certain product of this factory, the result is that the laser cutting machine only takes 0.2 hours, while the punch press takes 0.7 cun, so the laser cutting machine has obvious advantages in efficiency and cost.
    Of course, if the product batch is large, the use of a specially designed mold (such as a porous mold, but this will damage the flexibility), can improve the efficiency of the CNC punch, until it can be comparable to the laser cutting machine.
    5, function, limitation Laser cutting machine and numerical control punch press have their own function limitation.
    If the shutter, shallow drawing, countersunk hole, flanged hole reinforcement, and other functions (technology), can only be used CNC punch;For a saw blade with a silencing slit, as shown on the left, only a laser cutter can do it.
laser machine

    What parts does the laser cutting machine system include?
    1. Laser generator
    For the use of laser cutting machine, except for a few occasions to use YAG solid laser, the vast majority of the use of high electric-optical conversion efficiency and high power output CO2 gas laser.Because laser cutting requires high beam quality, not all lasers can be used for cutting.
    2. CNC cutting machine
    It is composed of three parts, that is, the working table (generally for the precision machine tool), the beam transmission system (sometimes called external optical path, that is, the transmission optical, mechanical components and microcomputer numerical control system of the beam in the whole optical path before the beam from the laser reaches the workpiece.According to the way that cutting cabinet and working table move relatively, it can be divided into the following three types:
    (1) During the cutting process, both the light beam (emitted by the cutting torch) and the table move. Generally, the light beam moves along Y direction while the table moves in X direction.
    (2) In the process of cutting, only the light beam (cutting torch) moves, the table does not move.
    (3) In the process of cutting, only the table moves, while the light beam (cutting torch is fixed
    3. Five-axis machine
    Sometimes in the industrial production, the need to cut three-dimensional components, and the general two-axis, three-axis laser cutting machine can only cut two-dimensional plane workpiece, which needs to be equipped with a robotic cutting machine, namely the five-axis machine.4. Laser punching and cutting machine
    The machine mechanically moulds out the inner holes of a workpiece of complex shape and then USES laser cutting to cut out the outer edges and the lines that need to be cut over a long distance.

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