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What should we pay attention to when we use fiber laser marking machine

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    Fiber laser marking machine is more common than laser cutting machine. It is small in size, easy to use, and has a wide range of applications.
    The fiber laser marking machine is a machine that uses a laser beam to leave a permanent mark on different materials, and is loved by many people. It has a small footprint and can be placed in the home or office, which is very convenient. It does not need to touch the surface of the material, so it is more environmentally friendly and does not generate a lot of garbage. Its accuracy can reach the micron level, and the accuracy is very high, which is very important for some anti-counterfeiting signs.
    In general, fiber laser marking machine has occupied an important part of human life, so what we should pay attention to in the use of fiber laser marking machine has become an important question. In fact, the operation of the fiber laser marking machine is very simple, you only need to pay attention to a few small places.
    1. Power-on sequence: total power → software→ galvanometer → laser → rotary axis . The power-off sequence is exactly the opposite of the power-on sequence.
The power-on sequence and power-off sequence are strictly in accordance with the requirements. Failure to do so may result in damage from uncontrolled laser beams.
    2. Make sure that the input working voltage is 220V. If it is not 220V, it may cause damage to the equipment.Use a voltage regulator to ensure voltage stability if necessary
    3.The laser output from the laser is invisible, which can cause burns even in the event of a deviation from the focal length. Avoid direct exposure of the eyes or skin to laser radiation, preferably with laser goggles.
    4. Fiber marking machine is not suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments. Also do not have volatile liquids such as alcohol, gasoline, etc.
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    As a machine, some problems will inevitably occur over time. If we encounter common small problems, then we are fully capable of solving them by ourselves, which not only helps us solve the problems, but also saves time and money. However, if you encounter troubles that cannot be solved, you must find the company where you purchased the product in time and ask professionals to help repair it to avoid greater trouble. Here we have summarized some common problems of laser marking machine, for your reference,
common problem:
    1. The laser does not emit laser light.
Adjust the focal length is correct, check whether the 24V laser power supply is damaged, whether the laser or control board is damaged, the software parameters are set incorrectly or infected by a virus.
    2. The surface of the marking material is partially unclear.
Check that the surface of the material is flat.
    3.What causes "IPG laser temperature is too high". Under normal conditions: Pin 16 is low and pin 21 is high. The display temperature is too high reflected on the laser as the 16-pin and 21-pin output of the DB25 interface is low. The 16-pin and 21-pin outputs are low for two reasons: 
    (1) 24V power supply problem. When the 24V power supply is insufficient or the ripple is greater than 200MV under load, the laser will automatically detect the 24V power supply problem. , And then automatically stop working, please replace the power supply with higher power or the power supply with better quality. 
    (2) The laser DB25 port is burned out, causing the 16-pin and 21-pin outputs to be always low. There are two reasons for the DB25 port burnout: 
    1) the ground wire is live; 
    2) the power input from the control board to the laser DB25 port The level signal is higher than 6V; these two conditions will cause the laser port to burn out. At this time, please return the laser to ACCTEK. 
    4.Suddenly no laser output during work, and the laser reports "system failure" after restarting. Under normal conditions: Pin 16 is low and pin 21 is high. The display system fault is specifically reflected on the laser as the 16-pin and 21-pin outputs of the DB25 interface are high. Please do the experiment as follows:
    Turn on the laser Draw a box on the software interface. Mark once for a single time (please confirm that the software action is completed but the laser has no laser output). Stop marking and mark again. At this time, the software system displays a laser system fault. If after the above operation, the software interface is also displayed during the operation, then the laser problem can be determined, please return the laser
    5.The laser does not emit light or alarm when the power is marked. This type of failure is basically divided into three categories: the first category is damage to the optical barrier. The second type is that the DB25 interface is damaged. The third category is board failure. If this kind of fault occurs, first determine whether the marking signal given by the marking board is normal. After turning on the laser, let the software be in a continuous marking state. High level, it can be judged that there is no problem with the marking board. At this time, please return the laser to Ruike. If the output of the 18 and 19 pins of the board is not high, it can be judged that there is a problem with the marking board. Card.
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