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What is the market prospect of high power laser cutting machine

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    What is the market prospect of high power laser cutting machine?
    What is the hottest topic in laser cutting industry?It must be a 10,000 watt laser cutter.In recent years, domestic laser cutting industry presents a rising trend, laser cutting machine equipment development is also more and more high quality.The power of laser cutting machine has developed from the initial kilowatt level to more than 10,000 watts, more and more high-power laser cutting machines emerge at the historic moment.
    In modern industrial manufacturing industry, laser cutting machine is widely used in stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, brass, copper, manganese steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy and other materials processing, and widely used in various heavy industry and light industry.The market size of laser cutting machine alone accounts for more than 40% of the whole laser industry. It is one of the important application equipment in all industries in Canada.Among them, the high-power laser cutting machine is widely loved by users.
    The higher the power the laser cutter the higher the thickness of the cutting material.In the past, laser cutting machine can not cut or cut high thickness material pain point, the emergence of high-power laser cutting machine solves this problem well.
    Stainless steel is a popular processing material.Prior to the advent of high-power laser cutting machines, the thickness of stainless steel that laser cutting machines could cut was limited to 12 mm.After the advent of. The equipment not only increases the thickness of stainless steel material from 12 mm to 50 mm, but also improves the cutting speed in the field of thin and medium thick plates.For example, when cutting stainless steel with a thickness of 10 mm, a 10,000 watt laser cutter may cut twice as fast as a kilowatt laser cutter.
    Although the high power laser equipment is very efficient, but the high power fiber laser cutting machine also has the problem of high price.However, with the development of the laser cutting industry, I believe high jump power laser cutting opportunities are becoming more and more friendly.
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    Optical fiber laser cutting machine is widely used
    In sheet metal processing, blanking is one of the important links, and blanking technology is the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine for blanking users can bring high precision and high efficiency of material processing, is a more popular intelligent processing equipment.Optical fiber laser cutting machine has a wide range of applications.Let's talk about the most important of fiber optic laser cutting machines.
    1. Applications in household appliances and kitchen appliances industries
    Household appliances and kitchenware are mainly made of stainless steel, iron, copper and other materials of relatively thin thickness.When the thickness of cutting material is small, fiber laser cutting machine can cut the material faster and better.In addition, the equipment die - less cutting precision, improve the output of range hood, washing machine and other household appliances.However, the traditional cutting technology, because of its fast cutting speed, needs more die, which wastes time and increases the cost;
    2. Application of construction machinery
    In the construction machinery industry, the circular hole plate is the most, optical fiber laser cutting machine has punch function, can directly determine the location of the hole.The equipment can use laser to directly cut materials, which saves the drilling process and improves the production efficiency, but the premise is that the diameter of the plate round hole is greater than or equal to the corresponding minimum diameter, and the roughness and diameter before processing must be within the cutting capacity of the equipment;
    3. Application of agricultural machinery industry
    The traditional agricultural machinery manufacturing still stays in the stamping processing mode, which will not only wear out more molds, but also keep the products as they are, which is not conducive to the updating of products.Optical fiber jumping laser cutting machine adopts program control, it can cut a variety of plates without mold and cutter, which is beneficial to the processing and production of agricultural machinery.

    Are there surface defects in laser cut products?
    Now metal laser cutting machine has gradually entered the majority of manufacturers, a lot of laser cutting problems are more and more, let me give you a brief analysis.
    The main reason for laser cutting machine to process plate burr is that the laser beam produces high energy on the surface of the product, which makes the surface of the product evaporate rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.However, one key point we must pay attention to is the "auxiliary gas".When the product is irradiated and evaporated during laser cutting, the auxiliary gas is used to blow off the slag on the product surface.(Other USES, of course).In other words, if auxiliary gases are not used, the cooling slag will form burrs attached to the cutting surface, which is the main cause of burrs.
    Another reason is parameter setting.When customers buy laser cutting machines, they must have professional operators to debug the equipment.If there are no problems above, then we can really doubt the laser cutting machine.
    The burr problem of plate metal processed by laser cutting machine is solved.
    1. Ensure air compressor is installed and auxiliary gases (oxygen, nitrogen) are used for cutting.
    2. Find a professional operator to adjust the jumping laser cutter until everything is ok.
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