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What can a laser cutting machine do for you?
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1) What is it?

Laser cutting and booting is a kind of equipment with more outstanding functions. It has reasonable structure planning, good processing quality, large output, continuous operation, no mold opening, and good general functions. It is selected by most metal processing users. All metal processing manufacturers are classified as hot-selling products. The laser cutting machines are UV laser cutting machine, green laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, red laser cutting machine, Co2 laser cutting machine, etc. For most large metal processing plants, the fiber laser cutting machine is mostly used. , Its power can reach thousands of W, most of the metal components are used in optical fiber and Co2 laser cutting machines.

2) Primary application industry:

Kitchenware operations: The traditional processing methods of kitchenware manufacturing operations face problems such as low operating power, high mold consumption, and high operating costs. The laser cutting machine has fast cutting speed, high precision, advanced processing power, and can complete the development of customized and personalized products, and deal with the troubles of kitchenware manufacturers, which has won the recognition of kitchenware manufacturers.
Car manufacturing industry: There are also many accessories and parts information in cars, such as car brake pads. In order to improve the stability of the car, it is necessary to ensure the cutting accuracy. The traditional manual first is that the accuracy is difficult to reach, and the second is low power. Laser cutting is used. The processing can be processed quickly in batches, with high precision, high power, no burrs, and one-time molding. These are the reasons why laser cutting machines are widely used in car operations.
Advertising metal word industry: The traditional processing equipment for advertising generally selects materials such as advertising fonts. Due to the processing accuracy and the unambiguous cutting appearance, the probability of rework is quite high. The high-precision laser cutting technology has no need to stop the secondary rework, which greatly improves the operating power and saves the company's cost.
Sheet metal processing industry: With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, traditional sheet metal cutting equipment in the early years could not meet the requirements of current technology and cutting form. Laser cutting relied on the advantages of high flexibility and fast cutting speed. Instead of traditional equipment, the wide application of fiber laser cutting machines in sheet metal processing is an inevitable trend.

3) After-sales service

1. 12 months of quality assurance, the main parts of the machine (consumables outside) are free to replace any problems during the warranty period.
2. Free training courses in our factory.
3. When your demand is transformed, we will supply vulnerable parts at the agency price.
4. 24 hours a day online supply service, free technical support.
5. If necessary, you can send our staff to your equipment or adjust.

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