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What advantages does woodworking cnc machine have?

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    In the current form of woodworking carving machine technology function is more and more powerful, so that woodworking enterprise application process more and more time and effort saving, the following introduces the latest 7 technical features of woodworking carving machine, let us feel the convenience of scientific and technological progress.
    1. Display the machining track and simulation diagram
    (1) Visually display the processing process and observe the processing effect. The rationality of the processing effect can be investigated in advance so as to reduce the trial cutting process and lower the processing cost.
    (2) The processing scheme can be evaluated to help you choose a reasonable processing process.
    2. Breakpoint memory function
    You can use this feature to keep the work going when your equipment suddenly loses power (or breaks the knife, or because the material is half finished, or some areas still need further work).
    3. Optimized arc instruction
    Carve a circle as quick as carve a straight line, the section is very smooth after using circular arc instruction, carve a curve more quickening and smooth, the effect of relief is better, and there is no pause in the carving process.
    4. It is compatible with all kinds of excellent carving software in the world
    Connect the world's most excellent carving software, such as MASTERCAARTCAM, can also be compatible with domestic carving software, such as fine carving DP, Ventai, etc.
    5, you can directly edit the generated G code
    When the user's G code needs to be further modified, it can be read directly in the WINDWS notepad format), which is convenient for you to operate the file.
    6. Woodworking engraving machine can be programmed by itself
    You can edit some neat programs directly to test the performance of the device, or you can call in advanced users for special needs
    7, processing time
    The program greatly facilitates your choice of machine purchase, by a piece of the same workpiece, you can compare, and then choose the product you are satisfied with, if you need to batch production products, you can budget your processing time, can also help you choose the most efficient processing mode.
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    Can advertisement engraving machine replace woodworking engraving machine?
    Engraving machine according to its use industry, can be divided into advertising engraving machine and woodworking engraving machine, in theory, the working principle of these two kinds of engraving machine and working state are the same, only advertising engraving machine and woodworking engraving machine configuration is not the same.General advertising industry product format is not very big, so most use advertising engraving machine and light tool engraving machine to carve, its working stroke and spindle power relative to woodworking engraving machine to small, but high precision, suitable for processing thickness is not too big products.
    And woodworking carving is required to process the thickness of deep, fast processing speed, so relatively speaking, work stroke and spindle power is also large, but the precision of carving mainly depends on the size of the diameter of the tool to determine, may advertising engraving machine can not be carved things, woodworking engraving machine can also do.Another important factor is how well the paths and drawings are done.It is recommended not to often take advertising engraving machine when woodworking engraving machine to use, it is easy to cause the damage of cutting tools, or do not reach the depth of engraving, the price of a woodworking engraving machine is not very expensive now, you can buy an exchange use.
    Carving a two-tone board is often seemingly simple but actually not easy to do.The general idea of users is to require manufacturers to provide a high-precision platform, some manufacturers simply on the platform to add a thick plexiglass board, with a knife first milling out a plane above.But still can not solve the problem, because in addition to the platform error also has errors in the two-color board itself, the double-sided adhesive tape that fits the two-color board on the platform also has thickness, and other factors, so that the carved signs are still of different depths.The floating cutter head is a sharp tool for carving the two-color plate.As the name implies, the floating cutter head can float up and down within a certain range on the engraving plane.

    Engraving machine in the process of processing, there will be processing quality is not high.And why the processing quality is not high, the relevant departments do a careful analysis, and put forward solutions.
    1. Low processing quality is usually reflected in two aspects: low dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, which are mainly caused by:
    (1) Process system stiffness.Includes rigidity of machine tools, fixtures, cutting tools and workpieces.
    (2) Processing technology.Programming is the correct setting of cutting parameters, path, and speed parameters.
    (3) Tool selection and tool quality.Whether the tooling is heavy suitable for the current workpiece processing, whether the tooling is seriously worn
    (4) Engraving machine spindle bearing use is appropriate, whether the quality clearance of large aluminum profile processing center
    2. So what can we do to improve the processing quality?
    (1) Set correct and reasonable processing path.
    Whether the path is correct and reasonable has a great impact on the processing quality. If the processing technology is not reasonable during programming, such as the path spacing is too large, and the tool setting is not reasonable, the final processing quality will be affected, for example, the product surface roughness does not meet the requirements.If the path is set incorrectly, such as an overcut path, the product size will not meet the requirements.
    (2) Set reasonable feed speed parameters.
    Whether the feed speed is appropriate will also affect the final product quality. For example, in the curved surface finishing process, it is not possible to set a large aluminum profile processing center with too high feed speed
    (3) Select the appropriate tool type and ensure the tool quality and tool in the normal wear range.
    In other words, to ensure the correct type and size of the tool in the processing, and can not use the tool of serious wear, only such processing quality can be guaranteed.
    (4) Install high quality engraving machine spindle bearing.
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    Woodworking engraving machine in the process of carving, carved objects often dislocation, we are often distressed to tell customers that their items in the carving process was damaged.To avoid these problems, we explain the trick by doing the following:
    1. Check whether the pliers or clips selected for carving are used incorrectly.At the same time, the carpenter engraving machine pliers or clamp wear will also lead to the carved object dislocation.If the pliers or clip is too tight, it will also cause the carved object to pop out at the moment the cutting head touches it.
    2. For the irregular shape of the carved objects, the surface appears to be fixed tightly, and will be rocked back and forth when subjected to downforce.In this case, try lining the object with scrap material to increase friction.The other thing is to retain the packaging of the object. Although the object is irregular shape, the package with itself may be very regular and easy to be fixed. With a small strip, the object with irregular shape is easy to be fixed.Or try the tool to fix the regular parts and discard the irregular parts.
    3. If the downforce on the object to be carved is very large, consider whether you must use the nose of a conical knife. If the diamond head of the engraver moves too much during engraving, pressure on the side of the tool will cause the object to move.The same problem can occur if the wrong diamond knife is used.A 90 or 00 degree diamond knife will go deep into the material and cause the material to move as it is carved.
    4, because the woodworking carving machine is often equipped with multi-functional pliers or clamp head, and they are made of iron, so easy to be carved objects caused damage or make it fall in the process of carving, then choose some rubber cap or rubber pipe for the fixed objects will be helpful.
    5, for carving plastic patterns, you can stick the transfer tape on the back of the carved object, and then spray the adhesive tape on the side with liquid spray, and then stick it on a surface that can be discarded, so as to avoid the use of double-sided adhesive tape, leaving a surface that is difficult to clean.Because the transfer tape is easy to peel off and clean.A specially carved ribbon is used, one side of which is more viscous than the other so that the plate can be moved or replaced at will.

    The appearance of woodworking engraving machine greatly improves the efficiency. After many customers buy woodworking engraving machine, they seldom pay attention to the maintenance work at ordinary times. Here is a simple explanation of the usual maintenance work of woodworking engraving machine.
    1, woodworking engraving machine part of the brain, belongs to the electronic equipment, the house dust will accumulate in the computer main case, especially in summer, the computer cooling is not good, it will be easy to burn off the circuit board, in order to keep the smooth operation of the computer, but also need to regularly detox and defragment the disk.
    2. The screw, industrial control box and circuit board shall be cleaned regularly, and the working table shall be cleaned timely, including the guide rail and the material debris beside the guide rail, so as to prevent the machine from jamming due to debris in the working process.
    3. Walk back and forth slowly after filling oil to ensure that lubricating oil can be evenly added to guide rail and lead screw.If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled and left empty regularly to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.First clean the guide rail and lead screw, can use cloth (do not depilate) to clean the guide rail and lead screw oil and material debris.Due to the low temperature, the guide rail and screw are added oil, it is best to add antifreeze oil.The refueling cycle is twice a month, that is, once every two weeks.Add cooling water or coolant to nc economic woodworking engraving machine and keep the cooling water free of impurities.
    4, the use of woodworking engraving machine in winter must pay attention to the timely pouring of water in the water tank when not using the machine, in order to prevent the water tank and water pipe freeze crack.The temperature of the operation workshop had better be appropriately high, winter is easy to lead to woodworking engraving machine water tank ice phenomenon.The temperature does not have a great impact on the woodworking engraving machine, but because the user adds butter to the screw and forgets to clean it in winter, the machine does not start up and run every time. Some studios have a very low temperature, although the oil is added, it can still freeze up and the machine cannot run.

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