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The difference between laser cutting and plasma cutting

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For some friends in the material processing industry, laser cutting is a more commonly used processing technology, and everyone has a certain understanding of the advantages of laser cutting, so let's talk about the difference between laser cutting and plasma cutting today. The difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine is mainly reflected in two aspects, cutting accuracy and operating cost.


Features of laser cutting

Laser cutting is to use a high-power density laser beam to scan the surface of the material to heat the material to thousands to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius in a very short time to melt or vaporize the material, and then use high-pressure gas to remove the melted or vaporized material from the slit. Blow away in the middle to achieve the purpose of cutting the material.
Laser cutting, because the traditional mechanical knife is replaced by an invisible beam, the mechanical part of the laser head has no contact with the work, and will not cause scratches on the work surface during work; laser cutting speed is fast, the cut is smooth and flat, and generally does not need Follow-up processing.

Features of plasma cutting

 Plasma cutting machine can be used for cutting various metal materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, carbon steel, etc. It not only has fast cutting speed, narrow kerf, small heat-affected zone of flat kerf, low workpiece deformation, simple operation, and significant energy saving effect. The ion cutting machine is suitable for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of various machinery and metal structures, as well as cutting, opening, digging, and beveling of middle and thin plates.
Plasma cutting is a processing method that uses the heat of a high-temperature plasma arc to locally melt (and evaporate) the metal at the incision of the workpiece, and use the momentum of the high-speed plasma to remove the molten metal to form an incision.
In summary, for the accuracy of cutting, plasma can achieve cutting accuracy within 1mm, and laser can reach within 0, 2mm. From the cost point of view, plasma cutting machine is much cheaper than laser cutting machine. Yes, in terms of processing accuracy, plasma cutting and laser cutting are rough machining and finishing.
The AKJ1530FBR fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed design and a replaceable worktable. The smoke produced by cutting can be filtered internally, which is pollution-free and environmentally friendly.
The double table can put the material on the second table when the first table is working, it is convenient to change the material, and it has an automatic rotating attachment for cutting metal pipes.

There is a completely enclosed design and replaceable countertops. The observation window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass. The flue gas produced by cutting can be filtered indoors, which is pollution-free and environmentally friendly.
There are double workbenches, the workers can put the materials on the second workbench when they work for the first time, so it is easy to change the materials.
The tube shaft can be used to cut round and square tubes. It adopts a double-sided electric clamp design and can cut tubes with a diameter of 20-200mm.
With Raycus laser generator, Raycus has an efficient and professional R&D and production team. The current laser output interface is QBH, which has a variety of control methods. The single-module continuous fiber laser series can not only meet the diversified needs of customers to the greatest extent, but also provide personalized customized services.

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