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Laser engraving machines are widely used in various industries

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     Laser engraving machine is a high-tech product in the world today, the integration of light, machine, electricity technology content is very high.In the early 1990s, with the successful development of laser engraving technology, the carving industry began to develop rapidly.By now, the use of engraving machine is almost everywhere in the industry, become our daily tasks in the equipment.Nowadays, it is mainly used in advertising industry, craft industry, mold industry, construction industry, printing and packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, leather industry...
Full enclosed laser cutting machine AKJ1530FB
     The use on adornment course of study is particularly outstanding, it is wood above all, wood is very common in the life, the hobbyist that likes wood can make all sorts of handicraft with wood presumably.Laser engraving cutting machine to make wooden crafts, farewell to the traditional handicraft tedious steps, to the greatest extent to return the authenticity of the raw materials, greatly improve the accuracy, but also can improve the work efficiency.Bear the brunt of is log, log is not processed wood.It is one of the rarest laser processing materials in our daily life, and it is also easy to carve and cut.For example, light wood such as birch, cherry or maple, they are easy to be laser gasification, so it is more suitable for carving.However, because each wood has its own characteristics, so we have to choose the wood according to the specific object we want to carve.
     It is plywood next, it is a kind of natural board, also be one of furniture commonly used data.In fact, there is no great difference between carving on plywood and carving on wood, but there is a point to be noted that the carving depth should not be too deep.The edge of the plywood after cutting will also blacken like the wood, but the blackening level, the key is to see what kind of wood is used to make the plywood.
     Generally speaking, the carving on the wood is usually Yin carving, and the carving depth of the general requirements are relatively deep, so that the power of the general will be set compared to the high.If the encounter with hard wood can make the graphic presentation after carving become deeper.If you want to make the color a little lighter, you can improve the carving speed, try to carve several times.
     With the widespread use of laser engraving machine, the use of laser engraving machine is also increasing.The most common mobile phone shell carving, in the laser application of this industry, carving mobile phone shell is not rare, but with the progress of The Times, the style of mobile phone shell is more and more, the use of laser engraving cutting machine for processing custom mobile phone shell, can be more personalized display, achieve the high precision level of carving.
     Still have is density board, density board (full name: density fibreboard), take woodiness fiber or other plant fiber as raw material, via fiber preparation, apply synthetic resin, under the condition of heating and pressing, pressing into board.As a kind of material with various USES, density board is widely used in furniture, architectural decoration, audio equipment, handicrafts and other industries.However, using traditional cutting tools to cut the density of the board is not only labor-intensive, inefficient, but also difficult to process the shape of complex graphics, there are great defects, in contrast, the use of laser engraving machine does not exist these problems.
Full enclosed laser cutting machine AKJ1530FB
     And the laser can also be engraved crafts, laser engraving crafts refers to the use of high energy plot laser beam projected onto the material appearance, so that the physical and chemical changes of the material appearance, so as to obtain visible patterns of the engraved crafts.Laser carving crafts by material can be divided into: paper laser carving crafts, cloth art laser carving crafts, bamboo laser carving crafts, leather laser carving crafts, resin laser carving crafts, glass carving crafts, metal laser carving crafts, jewelry jade laser carving crafts......
     Still have is the sculpture that laser engrave machine goes up in plexiglass handicraft: the rareest data in our daily -- acrylic, acrylic, call PMMA or plexiglass again, it is widely used in the industry such as building, advertisement, traffic, illume, medical treatment.Compared with the traditional cutting method, the use of CO2 laser cutting engraving machine usually has the following advantages: fast cutting speed, strong flexibility, good quality, clean edge (do not need polishing), easy to operate, low cost.
Craft gift laser engraving machine, for small crafts, we pay more attention to fine and quantity.The laser engraving machine can do many things in the processing of these small artifacts, such as cutting the shape of the wooden bookmark, and then engraving and engraving, all of which can be processed by the laser engraving machine.It can be said that this bookmark can be completely operated by laser engraving machine.
     Paper cutting: inheriting and continuously visual image and modeling format, contains rich cultural and historical information, not only expresses the public's social recognition, moral concepts, practical experience, life ideal and aesthetic taste, but also has multiple social values such as cognition, enlightenment, ideographical, lyrical, entertainment and communication.The appearance of laser engraving cutting machine has successfully solved the complicated, difficult and inefficient problems, providing a good solution for the lovers of paper cutting.Photo engraving: photo engraving is very popular in modern society. It is not only the laser engraving machine that can make the memory never fade, but also can give you a retro feeling.The use of laser engraving machine engraving photos to achieve the ultimate effect, to help photos restore the true state, the key is to save users more time, to maximize the value.Cloth: cloth is very common in our life, such as clothes, refrigerator cover cloth and so on are processed from cloth, many people may not know that laser engraving cutting machine can be widely used in clothing, cloth and other aspects.Using a laser to cut the fabric doesn't worry about it getting wrinkled or twisted.At present, more and more people use laser engraving cutting machine for processing, and its technology to the market, let the popular elements into our lives!
     Laser processing of steel is a major advantage of laser cutting machines for metals.Metal laser cutting machine power.This is a very flexible cutting iron plate.As long as there is a pattern, any shape can be cut, burr can be cut.Once slag - free forming, save a lot of processing process, is the best choice of metal products processing industry.
Laser engraving machine is also more and more used in the field of advertising logo production, common advertising words: many people in the advertising industry use laser engraving cutting machine to make signs, its effect is good, wide range of applications, by people's love.
     In addition to the above materials, laser engraving cutting machine can also process a lot of materials, can also be used in many other different fields.

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