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It would be a pity if you did not read this article on the terminology of cnc router

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    When buying wood engraving machine, there are a lot of technical language, if it is just into this line, learn some of these knowledge to help in the purchase of engraving machine can better choose the machine for their production needs.Master these little common sense, in the use of the process can better understand their own product development direction.
    When using multi-head woodworking engraving machine to carve the workpiece, engraving can be divided into two dimensional sculpture and three dimensional sculpture, that is, plane sculpture and three-dimensional sculpture;Boreholes are also divided into points, Outlines and regional boreholes.The following introduces the use of CNC woodworking engraving machine engraving, some related academic terms and related engraving methods.
    1, the first is: Yin carving, Yang carving, often heard is a carving machine can be Yin Yang carving, is the Yin Yang carving here.
    The so-called "Yin engraving" refers to the carving of the material left on the concave text or design.
    The so-called "Yang engravings" refer to the characters or patterns left on the carving materials after carving, commonly known as Yang characters or Yang figures.
    2, and then the depth of the sculpture, when buying the machine, will be asked about the depth of the sculpture.
    "Depth of engraving" refers to the maximum depth of machining.In 3d engraving, the depth of the carving path varies with the shape of the processed figure.In two-dimensional sculpture, the depth of the sculpture will also affect the finished form sample effect.
    3, layered sculpture, this is generally in the purchase process, will not be involved.
    In the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, cutting word, image engraving "layered engraving", each time into the knife not more than a few millimeters, indicating each tool into the maximum depth of the material, the texture of hard material according to the experience value substratified engraving completes the engraving depth of the design.
    4. Tessellation path, which is the problem of the perfect combination of multiple finished products.
    The so-called "Mosaic" is a design figure, after the Yin and Yang respectively, the two parts are called Yin and Yang respectively;The two moulds can snap together seamlessly.Considering the effect of the cutting tool,When calculating the engraving path, one of the options must be "Tessellated path".
    5, tool compensation, in order to better precision of a design, generally rarely used.
    In the processing process, the cutting tool itself has the cutting width, plus "tool compensation", can automatically eliminate the impact of the blade width on the processing effect.
    6. The direction of rotation when the edge is drawn is an important standard for accuracy requirements
    When cutting and milling bottom, choose the right side of the hook rotation direction, can make the processed object side more smooth.
    7, milling bottom way to see the operator's habit of a choice
    In 2d and 3D path calculations, bottom milling is a common method of machining, that is, milling out the spare parts of an object or text.Common milling bottom way: horizontal milling bottom, longitudinal milling bottom, forward 45 degrees milling bottom, reverse 45 degree milling bottom, circular milling bottom, but no matter which way to choose, the results are the same, the difference is only when the machining tool walking route.
    8, tool selection, a carving machine with more than one carving knife
    In the processing of different materials, different hardness of the object, in order to ensure the processing efficiency, to ensure the processing effect, the need to choose the appropriate processing tool.Users can set and name their own tools.

    The appearance of woodworking engraving machine greatly improves the efficiency. After many customers buy woodworking engraving machine, they seldom pay attention to the maintenance work at ordinary times. Here, simply explain the usual maintenance work of woodworking engraving machine.
    1, woodworking engraving machine part of the brain, belongs to the electronic equipment, the factory dust will accumulate in the computer main case, especially in summer, the computer cooling is not good, it will be easy to burn the circuit board, in order to keep the smooth operation of the computer, but also need to regularly sterilize and sort out the disk debris.
    2. The screw, industrial control box and circuit board shall be cleaned regularly, and the working table shall be cleaned timely, including the guide rail and the material debris beside the guide rail, so as to prevent the machine from jamming due to debris in the working process.
    3. Walk back and forth slowly after filling oil to ensure that lubricating oil can be evenly added to guide rail and lead screw.If the machine is not used for a long time, it should be refueled and left empty regularly to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system.First clean up the guide rail and lead screw, can use cloth (not depilate) guide rail and lead screw on the oil and material debris clean up due to low temperature, guide rail and lead screw can add oil, it is best to add antifreeze oil.The refueling cycle is twice a month, that is to add oil every two weeks to add cooling water or coolant to the CNC economic woodworking engraving machine, and keep the cooling water free of impurities.
    4, the use of woodworking engraving machine in winter must pay attention to the timely pouring of water in the water tank when not using the machine, in order to prevent the water tank and water pipe freeze crack.The temperature of the operation workshop had better be appropriately high, winter is easy to lead to woodworking engraving machine water tank ice phenomenon.The temperature does not have a great impact on the woodworking engraving machine, but because the user adds butter to the screw and forgets to clean it in winter, the machine does not start up and run every time. Some studios have a very low temperature, although the oil is added, it can still freeze up and the machine cannot run.
    5, we usually use engraving machine can encounter power failure at any time, once the power failure, then want to continue to carve the dislocation will not continue, the origin can not go back.Engraving machine is a machine origin, this point is not the point, when we are in the use of engraving machine the z axis, the x axis and y axis, both the mechanical origin, back after ok, is also not afraid, when the power is, of course, also can start senior can be put off, back inside, if you don't know this tube doesn't work, then back up after mechanical origin, to go back to the origin of the workpiece, the point is that we are processing your processing the origin.In order to reduce unnecessary losses, always remember to return the xyz axis of the machine to the mechanical origin when working.

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