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How to solve the deep engraving depth of woodworking engraving machine?
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Some customers in the furniture industry must be familiar with woodworking engraving machines, but there will inevitably be some problems and failures in the ordinary operation of woodworking engraving machines. Recently, some customers have reported that the depth of patterns carved by woodworking engraving machines is greater than before deep, how should it be solved?
This customer is doing furniture carving, and the setting is 6mm carving depth, but during the carving, the machine suddenly gets deeper and deeper. In fact, from another perspective, the Z-axis is malfunctioning. The most common reason is the failure of the Z-axis drive block,then we can simply test it.
 Change the positions of the X-axis and Z-axis drives, and then turn on and try it. If the Z-axis problem is solved, it means that the drive block is malfunctioning. It may also be caused by the loosening of the Z-axis motor coupling, which requires tightening with a wrench.
Of course, the worst case is that there is a problem with the Z-axis motor. At this time, you need to contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement. Another possibility is that the Weihong control system is damaged by a Trojan horse. Users who are connected to the computer will inevitably be interfered by the Trojan horse. After the control system is destroyed, there may be some inexplicable problems, such as woodworking engraving machine deeper and deeper or shallower, the machine chaotic engraving and so on.
When encountering this kind of problem, please reinstall the engraving software in time. The problem encountered by this customer is that the last control system was damaged by a virus program. The main reason is that the customer often uses a USB flash drive to read files, and the USB flash drive is poisoned and infects the system files in the computer that controls the woodworking engraving machine
Sometimes woodworking engraving machines will encounter problems of one kind or another during operation. In fact, most of them are caused by misoperation, but it is undeniable that sometimes the machine is aging or a part is broken. In short, there is a problem in time. Contact, do not repair the machine by yourself.
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