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How to prolong the service life of cnc machine
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    The production and use of wood carving machine has become so common that involves various industries fields, utilization rate is also increasing in the state, so the woodworking engraving machine safety knowledge is very important, really understand woodworking engraving machine operator is very lack, equipment is blossoming, the operator simply started operation, there are many safety operation specification.
    1, actual operation return under the condition of the application of engraving machine, be sure to maintain the aspect ratio of alert, keep awake, all of the concentrate all on its own actual operation, when feel tired, to eat some drugs or is in drinking is prohibited under the conditions of application of engraving machine of the actual operation, if in the actual operation of engraving machine spirit diversification, concentration of the brain, is very easy to happen accident cause serious safety accidents.
    2, carpenter Lao shifu in the actual operation of engraving machine to wear protective glasses every minute, have a standard, is the dust mask in case of respiratory tract cause harm, also can supplement safety helmet, non-slip shoes, safety protection and English hearing these, this can reasonably reduce the accident occurrence probability.
    3, when the engraving machine power plug access switch power, people must ensure that the engraving machine power switch is in the off position, if the power switch in the access situation when people access switch power, this case is very risky, very easy to have an accident.
    4, in the case of engraving machine operation, to always take into account the problem of processing effect and efficiency, flexible application of thick knife, fine knife and three-dimensional carving, through the size of the engraving range of the graphic area, the use of cutting tools, can do fine processing as far as possible.
    5. Motor performance.Engraving machine in the actual operation, the operator must know skilled carving the performance of the mechanical and electrical machine power and a variety of functions, also need to make sure that the head carving machine is normal, because in the maintenance of engraving machine engraving head motor is not belong to the scope of the warranty, but head carving machine is also a part of the longest job, so if engraving machine engraving head of motor case of damage of circumstances will certainly cause a certain loss to the processing.
    6, processing beyond the limit.If the over-limit occurs when used, most of the reasons are due to the maximum and minimum value of the processing zero. To solve this problem, it is necessary to adjust an appropriate processing zero point for processing, and then the over-limit problem can be solved.
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    In our life, no matter what items need careful maintenance, so as to make the use of items to extend the life.The engraving machine used in the factory is the same, and also needs maintenance.If it is simply used without maintenance, its life will be shortened.
    1. Work no more than ten hours a day, otherwise the internal parts of the engraving machine will be seriously damaged.In addition, there are certain requirements on the temperature, regularly clean with clean water.This prevents the temperature inside the machine from getting too high and protects the machine by cooling it down.In winter, you can do some appropriate protective measures to prevent freezing.
    2. After use, you must pay attention to regularly clean up the debris in the machine, which is very helpful for the operation of the machine in the future.In particular, the dust must be wiped with a soft cloth, in the cold environment, can be heated before cleaning.
    3. When cleaning, the power must be cut off, so that it is safe for people.Before maintenance of the engraving machine, be sure to check whether the power is off, this step is very important, use for about three months, to check the engraving machine, see if there is a dangerous problem, timely repair.

    Engraving from the principle of processing is a combination of drilling and milling processing, engraving machine various data input mode according to the need of ease.Computer engraving machine has laser engraving and mechanical engraving two kinds, both of which have high power and small power.Because engraving machine application range is very wide, so it is necessary to understand the appropriate application range of all kinds of engraving machine, small power is only suitable for making two-color board, building model, small sign, three-dimensional arts, etc., carving jade, metal and so on need power in 1500W above.High power engraving machine can do small power engraving machine things.Suitable for large-scale cutting, relief sculpture.
    Engraving machine technology introduction
    In CNC machine tools, electric spindle usually adopts frequency conversion speed regulation method mainly has the common frequency conversion drive and control, vector control driver drive and control and direct torque control three kinds of control modes.Ordinary frequency conversion is scalar drive and control, and the driving control characteristic is constant torque drive, and the output power is proportional to the speed.The dynamic performance of ordinary frequency conversion control is not ideal, the control performance is not good at low speed, the output power is not stable, and the c-axis function is not available.But the price is cheap, the structure is simple, generally used for grinding machine and ordinary high speed milling machine.
    Engraving machine system classification
    The stepper drive + stepper motor stepper system is a driving system widely used in the market at present. The popular one is the three-phase hybrid stepper motor, which accounts for more than 90% of the market share. The reason is the low price.
    The result is good when equipped with the Rexay high subdivision drive.However, the defects are also obvious, such as resonance, noise, increasing speed, reducing torque, etc.
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