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How to choose the spindle of the cnc router? Air cooling spindle or water cooling spindle?
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A spindle is the key component of any CNC router, which operators use to perform high-speed milling, drilling, engraving, and other such operations on their benchtop CNC mill. However, as the electric spindle rotates at a high speed to deliver such results, it needs to be cooled down to maintain performance. Ignoring this issue can lead to grave consequences for the machine shop and the specific CNC machine -- from decreased service life to complete burnout of the component.
Air cooling and water cooling are two of the most common cooling systems that come to play in such situations. As the name indicates, the air-cooled CNC spindle makes use of a fan that emits air to dissipate heat. Similarly, the water-cooled CNC spindle uses water circulation to cool down the spindle.
But which of these techniques is more efficient and effective? And which one should you choose? Let's analyze the advantages of both so that you can choose the right spindle for the CNC Router machine.

Cooling effect.

Water cooling spindles are found to be more effective in temperature regulation as their temperature does not typically exceed 40 degrees after water circulation. Water cooling would be more suitable than air cooling for cutting and engraving projects that will run for longer durations.

Noise generation.

Due to the operation of the cooling fans, air-cooled spindles can generate a lot of noise. In contrast, water-cooled spindles offer noiseless operation.


The service life of a water-cooled spindle is longer than that of the air-cooled spindle - provided that the operator takes adequate care to maintain it. With routine maintenance activities, such as changing water, using an industrial water cooler, etc., you can extend the CNC machine’s service life.
The above analysis is the advantage of the water cooling spindle, and then we look at the benefits of the air cooling spindle.


Since air-cooled spindles do not come equipped with water tanks or pumping machinery, they are more convenient to use and set up than water-cooled spindles.

Operating environment.

The water-cooling method faces two main obstacles with regard to the work environment. First, a water-cooled spindle requires a continuous water supply, pump, and other such equipment. Due to this requirement, it tends to occupy more space.
Secondly, a water-cooled spindle cannot offer optimal performance in climatic extremes, especially when the temperature drops. On the other hand, air-cooled spindles are less restrictive and can be used in most locations regardless of external factors. If your location is very cold most of the time, better to get an air-cooled spindle.
ACCTEK is a professional CNC Router manufacturer, and our spindle motor power is available from 1.5KW-13.5KW. Both water cooling spindle and air cooling spindle have their own advantages. Our sales manager will recommend the most matching configuration for you according to your needs.
The standard configuration of the inexpensive cnc router AKM1325 is a 3.2KW water cooling spindle, which is an ideal choice for the woodworking industry. The ATC cnc router machine chooses a 9.0KW ATC air cooling spindle, with an auto tool changer magazine, which saves more labor costs and time, greatly improves the efficiency of engraving and cutting, and is the best choice for large-scale processing.
Every configuration of the cnc router machine is very important. If you want to get effective advice when purchasing an cnc machine, you can communicate with us online, and we will provide you with free consulting services. I hope it helps you.

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