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How to choose an industrial Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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With the increasing use of metal materials in industrial applications, there is an increasing demand for metal cutting processes. Laser cutting can produce workpieces with high precision and high-quality edges, making it a popular application for cutting metals.

What types of metal laser cutting machines are there?

Laser cutting is a manufacturing process that uses a high-energy laser beam on a laser cutting machine to cut material into workpieces of various shapes. Among the most commonly used laser equipment for cutting metal are CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine. YAG or crystal laser technology used to be mainly used to cut thick metals, but it is more expensive and has a significantly shorter lifespan than CO2 and fiber laser processing.
The advantage of CO2 laser stainless steel cutting machine is that it is cheap, but it can only cut stainless steel and carbon steel, and cannot process other sheet metal. This article mainly introduces the professional metal laser cutting machine-fiber laser cutting machine for you. It can be used to cut any metal, including highly reflective materials. And the cutting speed and precision are far better than CO2 laser metal cutting machine.

How does a fiber laser cutting machine work?

Fiber laser cutting machines use a laser generator to emit a high-density laser beam and transmit it to the sheet metal surface. The generated laser heat is absorbed by the material, and after the workpiece temperature reaches the boiling point, the material is melted and penetrated. As the position of the beam moves on the surface of the workpiece, the route irradiated by the laser beam will form a slit in the sheet metal, and finally achieve the purpose of metal cutting.
The wavelength of the laser beam emitted by the fiber laser cutting machine can be effectively absorbed by the metal, and the small spot size and excellent beam profile make it an ideal choice for cutting metals.
In the process of laser cutting metal, it is necessary to use a suitable auxiliary gas. The auxiliary gas can assist combustion or prevent metal slag. Different auxiliary gases play different roles and need to be selected according to the properties of the metal. When cutting active metals, inert gas is often used to prevent additional heat from affecting the cutting effect. On the contrary, use active gas to increase thermal cutting.

Application of metal laser cutting machine

Metal laser cutting machines can be used in the following industries:
Aerospace, ships, automobiles, kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, lighting, metal signs, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, elevators, construction engineering, medical equipment, interior decoration, etc.
Metal laser cutting machine can be applied to the following materials:
Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, various alloys, etc.

Which metal laser cutter is better for my workshop?

ACCTEK has three types of metal laser cutting machines to meet the needs of different metal manufacturers:

1. 1 KW Laser cutting machine for metal plate

Metal plate fiber laser cutting machine
Professionally used for sheet metal cutting, it can quickly cut a variety of complex graphics without any vibration or other adverse effects even under long-term working pressure.

2. Metal tube laser cutting machine

Metal tube fiber laser cutting machine
Any pattern can be cut on metal pipes. Through the electric clamps on both sides, the clamping force is automatically adjusted according to the pipe specifications. The cutting method of rotary advance has higher machining accuracy.

3. Plate and pipe fiber laser cutting machine

Plate tube fiber laser cutting machine
One side of the fuselage is equipped with a rotating shaft device, which is a multi-functional metal laser cutting equipment. It can process both metal plates and metal pipes. One machine is multi-purpose and suitable for more metal cutting scenarios.

4. Small laser metal cutting machine for precision cutting

Small precision fiber laser cutting machine
Small precision laser metal cutting machine is mainly aimed at the production of many small metal workpieces such as hardware products, metal kitchen utensils, metal crafts, lighting and so on. It is a fully enclosed design fiber laser cutting machine, the window adopts European CE standard laser protective glass, which ensures the safety of the operator and facilitates smoke exhaust.
If there is no laser metal cutting machine for you here, you can communicate online. ACCTEK can provide you with customized laser metal cutting machines.

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