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How to choose a satisfactory cnc router

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Engraving machine itself:
    From the principle of processing is a combination of drilling and milling processing, engraving machine a variety of data input mode according to the needs of engraving and cutting.
    As is known to all, ordinary engraving machine has three axis, XYZ this three axis, all engraving machine at least to have more than three axis, can be counted as CNC engraving machine.Because of the market demand, there are a lot of four or five or even six axes in the market, which are the six axes?The X axis, the Y axis, and the Y axis are all clear, and the others are sometimes divided into the ABC axis or the uVW axis, and the axis around the X is the A axis, the Y axis corresponds to the B axis, the B axis corresponds to the C axis, and in this case the three axis, the four axis, the five axis and even the six axis that I'm talking about are all interconnected.Because I have seen a lot of friends buy engraving machine is really possible three axis can not achieve linkage.If you subdivide the four axes, you have four axes and three linkage and four linkage, what does linkage mean?That is, at most, several axes are moving at once.What's the effect of this?Of course, it has an influence on the carving method. The more linkage, the more complicated the carving process is.But the general carving machine factory said four axis but multi-layer meaning, this needs to ask customers friends understand, otherwise it will fall into the "trap".Good responsible manufacturer will tell you that the concept of "false four axis", the appearance of the four axis is empty, but is the theory of the three axis, why will appear this kind of phenomenon, from sculpture, a few small such as olive nuclear size of samples in the process of carving deformation is small, the bas-relief carvings is suitable for use false four axis, there are dragon post, some symmetrical or circular pattern suitable for carving, but for some asymmetric or square, rectangular, in the process of carving deformation is too big, not suitable for false four axis, so people who carved guanyin Buddha or furnishing articles, do not have to consider this fake four axis.First of all, we must distinguish between true and false four axes.False four axis with fine carving knife path, the true four axis with PM out of the knife path.True four axis, the general manufacturer means four axis three linkage, and are carved with PM out of the knife road, PM this software is cracked, now the domestic software technology is more and more mature.

My own Angle:
    This personal Angle refers to the individual buying the engraving machine.First of all, whenever you buy something, don't try to buy the best thing at the lowest price. It's unrealistic and impossible.Because opening a business must be profitable.When you are not sure about the price, you can go to the major platforms to have a look.We should probably have the price in mind.For example, other people buy apple phones for four or five thousand.Today, you walk down the street and someone sells you an apple 6, 500.Just ask if you want it.If you need to change your phone right now, and you have a taste for face, you're just not rich.I'm more likely to buy it.But you wonder why China is so cheap.Face-lifting?Second-hand?Gray?Android?Unknown origin?You have to consider that either one is uncomfortable to touch, so don't try to get the same or better price below the market price.Unless he's your mom and dad don't give it to you.
    Also, don't try to buy a universal machine. Everything is a waste. After all, too much of everything may not be so good at something.For personal operation is also difficult, after all, for the operation of the more powerful the more complex the operation, for the novice to buy a maximum degree to meet the needs of the industry machine can be.For example if you advertise: tour side advertising engraving machine tablet, kt board, PVC, V), the carpentry industry: multistep cutting machine (real wood door, cabinet), woodworking engraving machine (general engraving, cutting, drilling and milling), woodworking cutting machine (cutting, general furniture factory machine accuracy requirement is not too high), long embossing machine, beads engraving machine, stone engraving machine, chapter copper engraving machine (usually smaller models with 6090, 6040, etc., high accuracy, so the price is higher than the average 1325 engraving machine are expensive) oscillating knife carving machine is the main object of leather, cloth, and other soft materials.
    Don't be afraid of trouble, don't be afraid of wasting the fare.More field visits to the processing plants of large companies, field research and investigation on testing equipment, equipment installation, debugging equipment, after-sales personnel, business personnel, office areas, etc.If you do not understand something, you must make it clear and clear.After - sales, transportation, training and other content involving interest disputes must be put on the table clearly.
    For the etiquette class is uncertain to buy products from the manufacturer or in the hesitation can refuse absolutely to refuse the salesman, dinner invitation.I don't have to tell you the truth.
    First you want to understand their positioning, I am to buy edge engraving machine, then is to understand you want to find manufacturers direct, or to find dealers.It is to want to go to field investigation nearby still buy.
    1, first of all personal Angle and mentality to correct, the machine is essentially no polarity good or bad, slight difference or some, such as the choice of raw materials you want to understand that a good guide may have to spend thousands of dollars, sometimes see the market and circular line gauge machine, I advise you not to buy.Expensive is not necessarily the best cheap must have a bad place.Suits own is the best, don't always think about low price to buy high configuration machine, in fact in our life will understand, he is a penny a points goods, this also is crucial, whether you went to the factory to see or chat with sales, don't always think about take advantage of, for example you 50000 set the machine, the results you gave him 45000, thinking about the rest 5000 or is this machine used for a year or two is ok to give him the 5000, you are wrong, he will give you the machine to encrypt a month every month you ask them,And the other reason is that they can totally because the $5,000 he can totally save on your machine, for a layman you can't see the $5,000 thing, like the base he gave you the 4mm steel body for the 2mm you can see??This could be fatal to your engraving machine.As far as payment terms and amounts are concerned, try not to tease the manufacturer.
    2. As for the contract, please bear in mind that the machine model and configuration you discussed with the salesman will ensure that the performance of the machine will be reflected in the contract.For those who do not know, it is important to put forward, put forward, put forward three times.Avoid any deviation between the actual delivery and the model configuration you discussed.After all, this kind of business is not one hand to pay the money and one hand to deliver the goods, so simple post-production process will certainly have problems.So after-sales problem is essential to explain clearly before sales, avoid after-sales problems everywhere.
    3, if necessary, can see the manufacturers, exhibition materials, customer cases, business licenses, identification should be based on.Only in this way can you filter layers to scare away scammers and second-rate dealers.Take a strong-minded person with you on a field trip.

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