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How to buy a suitable engraving machine
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We need to do some preparatory work before buying a carving machine, and we can choose the right model only after we have made clear the nature of the work.
Define the nature of the work
     Do not think to buy a carving machine can do all the work, the manufacturer divided the carving machine into a variety of specifications, is to deal with a variety of different processing tasks.For example, if you buy a mould-grade engraving machine to carve a two-color plate, or buy a large engraving machine to carve a seal, this will cause a huge waste, and will not get good results.You also buy an advertising grade engraving machine to do the mold, may not be competent.So before you buy the machine, you must fully explain to the sales staff to read the book to do the work content, including the size of the processing workpiece, material material, material thickness, weight, the final engraving effect and requirements and so on.     

Select the right model
     mall advertising sign shop first purchase machine, the main production of three-dimensional word lights, crystal word, double color board, name plate and other purposes, should choose and buy advertising grade.But should also be further refined in the machine configuration, such as the main two-color board, it must be configured with floating cutter head, because it can ensure that the big plate on the two-color board engraving time consistent word depth;But mainly used to saw plexiglass crystal word, should be selected with a power of more than 800W spindle, otherwise with a small power high precision spindle long-term heavy work, will accelerate the bearing wear, loss of precision.Generally speaking, the engraving machine format is less than 600mm, not suitable for carving the two-color plate and other fine work, but more suitable for sawing, do some large plaque;Format in 600mm or so belong to the general type of engraving machine, can be used as a double-color plate and such fine work, and can be used as a saw word and such rough work.
For the processing of cylindrical or other abnormal workpiece, because of the need to install some work fixture or rotating coordinate axis, this requires Z axis column height, table to the tool head between the space is large, so you can choose a special machine.If it is a seal shop specializing in carving seals, it can first be equipped with a seal engraving machine: it is best to use a laser engraving machine for carving leather seals and atomic seals, while 6070 can be used for carving seals made of copper seals, jade seals, ox horns and other materials. When the two are combined, all kinds of materials can be used.   

Try carving before purchase
     Before buying the engraving machine, in order to ensure your investment recovery, you should let the sales staff or by your own hands to operate, you most often do the work of trial carving.At the same time calculate the efficiency, observe the effect, fully test the performance of the machine, really do know.    

The signing of the contract
     After the decision to buy, the first thing to do is to sign a contract with the seller, the contract should indicate the type of purchase, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery method, training methods, warranty terms and payment methods and other elements.
After the contract is signed, a certain deposit should be paid in accordance with the provisions of the contract (except those in stock).
Delivery and training engraving machine arrived, generally by the technical personnel to open the box inspection machine, after the power, should carefully check whether the appearance is damaged, whether the impact caused damage in transport.If in good condition, check the machine configuration with the random accessories according to the contract instructions.The technicians shall install the machine (including hardware installation, removal of fixtures, installation of the machine, various cables for connecting the power supply, software installation, computer configuration, installation and purchase of carving software).
After installation, the machine shall be tested for engraving with the test drawing provided by the manufacturer.If the engraving test is completed correctly, the delivery acceptance is completed.    

Use and after-sales service
     1. Ensure the use environment
The engraving machine is a high-tech mechatronics equipment, which has certain requirements for the working environment.
Avoid the equipment which seriously affects the signal transmission of engraving machine, such as strong electricity and strong magnetism.Such as: welding machine, transmitting tower, etc.
Use three-core power supply to ensure good grounding and reduce interference.
Voltage requirement is stable, avoid big fluctuation fluctuation, best use regulator.
The machine should not work in the environment of strong acid or base for a long time.
     2. Maintenance and maintenance
Engraving machine is mostly used for processing business, processing produced powder, dust more.Pay attention to keep the screw rod, smooth rod and other parts clean and lubricate in use, timely clean up dust accumulation and oil to the transmission parts;The operator should clean and oil in time, and it is strictly prohibited to plug and insert live wire.
     3. Software use problems
Engraving machines have a wide range of software available.To achieve your carving requirements, use the correct operating software.
     4 processing problems
(1). Rationality of processing technology
Machining accuracy in addition to the engraving machine to ensure that reasonable processing technology is also very important.In order to ensure the accuracy of machining, please pay attention to the rationality of machining process.
(2). Tool use
The machining precision is affected by the manufacturing process and precision of the cutting tool itself. Therefore, please choose the cutting tool suitable for machining when machining.
(3). Operators
The operator's proficiency and sense of responsibility also have great influence on the machining accuracy.
(4). Wear and tear of the machine
Engraving machine in the use of wear is inevitable, with the use of the passage of time, machine wear will make the accuracy of the machine is reduced.
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