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Fiber laser tube cutting machine applied to office furniture

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As companies pay more attention to the display of the company's image, in addition to the practicality of office furniture, aesthetics has also become an important factor for its popularity among consumers. Among them, metal furniture, as a kind of office furniture, is loved by many companies because of its simple and fashionable style.
In the manufacturing process of metal furniture, it is necessary to perform various cutting and punching processes on various square, round, I-shaped and other metal tubes. The traditional production process is complex and cumbersome, and it faces many problems such as low cutting precision of metal tubes, high scrap rate, high labor costs, and variability of tube materials. With the development of fiber laser technology, professional tube laser cutting machine has become popular equipment in the office furniture manufacturing industry. The use of fiber laser tube cutting machine can solve the problems caused by traditional technology, and provide efficient and high-precision processing methods for the manufacture of office furniture.
professional tube laser cutting machine

Why is fiber laser tube cutting machine so popular in office furniture?

The professional tube laser cutting machine is mainly used for three-dimensional processing such as laser cutting, punching and hollowing out of standard metal tubes such as round tubes, rectangular tubes, and oval tubes, and some special-shaped tubes. The reason why it is so popular in the manufacture of office furniture lies in the following aspects:
1. High cutting precision
The tube cutting accuracy can reach ±0.05mm.
2. Good cutting quality
The cutting section of the tube is smooth and free of burrs, no slag, no blackening, no yellowing, and can easily realize the cutting of various complex graphics. Narrow cutting slit and less material loss.
3. High cutting efficiency
The components of the tube laser cutting machine are selected from internationally renowned brands, such as IPG laser generator, Raytools auto-focus laser cutting head, Yaskawa/Panasonic servo motor, etc., which make the machine have higher anti-interference ability, fast dynamic response speed and high cutting efficiency , can meet the needs of mass production of metal tubes.
4. Non-contact processing
The fiber laser cutting machine cuts metal tubes in a non-contact manner without any mechanical pressure on the tube wall. And the heat-affected zone of laser cutting is very small, so it will not cause deformation or collapse of the outer surface of the metal tube.
5. The machine is easy to operate
The laser tube cutting machine is equipped with a professional metal tube CNC cutting system, which can achieve high-quality and high-efficiency processing only by inputting the corresponding design pattern. Moreover, users can change the graphics that need to be cut at any time, which makes it highly personalized when producing office furniture.
The fiber laser cutting machine has no restrictions on the material, shape, size and processing environment of the tube. When changing the diameter or shape of the processed tube, it only needs to be modified directly in the program, without making a large number of templates, and can respond faster to the needs of users, which is an advantage that other tube cutting equipment cannot achieve.
The machine is easy to operate

Which fiber optic tube laser cutting machines can be selected?

According to customer needs and different application scenarios, ACCTEK LASER provides two tube laser cutting machines for users to choose from. One is the basic tube laser cutting machine, and the other is the tube laser cutting machine with auto feeding. They are all capable of processing various types of metal tubes, the difference is that the tube laser cutting machine with auto feeding device has a higher degree of automation, higher efficiency, and saves labor costs. You can choose different configurations according to your production needs to provide a suitable metal tube cutting solution for processing office furniture.
Through this article's introduction to the tube laser cutting machine, you can understand why it is popular with office furniture. Metal office furniture not only gives people a stylish aesthetic, but also has an advantage in terms of durability. Office furniture is a good profit-making project. If you are planning to start a plan to manufacture office furniture, knowing more about laser tube cutting machines will be of greater help to you.

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