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Daily maintenance of cnc machines for wood carving and accessories

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CNC machines for wood carving because in the production of the main processing is always a lot of dust production, which requires us to pay attention to the engraving machine and its accessories in the process of maintenance and maintenance.
Daily maintenance of cnc machines for wood carving and accessories
First, the control box of cnc machines should be placed in a place with good ventilation, not in a high temperature environment. Prevent electrical components in the control box from failure due to high temperature.
Second, the machine had better be placed in a place with good dry ventilation (to prevent parts and accessories failure caused by the airframe exposure).
Third, the machine must be equipped with a reliable voltage regulator to ensure the safe grounding of the ground wire.This engraving machine factory has basically given the customer in the configuration of the control box in advance of the installation and debugging, before the purchase of the best consultation.
Fourth, try not to use the Internet computer to transfer files to the engraving machine. Computers connected to the network are easy to make the virus through the file transfer to the cnc engraving machine abnormal.
Fifth, the cnc machine every other month to maintain once (in the screw and guide rail rack with the appropriate amount of special oil), now many manufacturers are equipped with the installation of manual or electric lubricator, you can achieve faster to the slider and screw oil, and do not need to disassemble, maintenance more convenient and fast.
Daily maintenance of cnc machines for wood carving and accessories
Sixth, maintain a good lubrication state, regular inspection, cleaning screw, add or replace the run-down grease, screw, nut and other parts of the movement always maintain a good lubrication state, in order to reduce the wear rate of mechanical parts.
Seventh, do not let the cnc machines for a long time in the engraving machine surface of the same part of work (in case the screw, guide rail and other transmission device for a long time without contact with the beam and not reasonable lubrication).
Eighth, in a certain time to check the engraving machine line and whether the screw is loose, it is best to tighten the screw regularly.This can also improve the accuracy of carving.
Ninth, do not put sundry in the engraving machine surface or the machine head (with magnetic materials, corrosion-prone items, overweight items, liquid, etc.).
Above is the basic content of the maintenance of cnc machines, in order to make the engraving function better for all users to work, in the maintenance of the machine, we hope to regularly contact with the after-sales staff to consult about maintenance problems.

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