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Daily maintenance and precautions of laser cutting machine

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daily maintenance requirements:

1.the laser and laser cutting machine to keep the appearance of clean, often clean.

2. Check whether the x, y and z axes of the machine tool can return to the origin. If there is a problem, whether the position of the origin switch bump block is offset.

3. laser cutting machine chip removal drag chain button.

4. Clean up the waste from the discharging cart.

5. Timely clean the sundries on the air outlet filter network to ensure the ventilation pipe is unblocked

6. The laser cutting nozzle should be cleaned every 30 minutes, and the metal slag sprayed on it should be removed.

7. Regularly check and replace the cutting nozzle.

8. Calibrate the cutting head once a day or replace the nozzle and the ceramic body with the calibration program. The process is as follows 

(A) move the cutting head to the position where the cutting nozzle is 10mm away from the metal plate surface; 

(B) adjust the position of the capacitance sensor and the potentiometer to about 10.

(C) press the "servo reset" button on the operation panel.

(D) adjust the position of the capacitance sensor to the original position.

(E) move the cutting head to the original position.

Clean the focusing lens.And check it for damage.

10. Check the temperature of cooling water and the inlet of the laser at 19℃ and 522℃.The temperature changes at about 21℃.Inlet pressure is between 4 and 5bar.

11. Air gun is used to clean the dust on the heat exchange sheet of the water cooler and the freeze dryer. It is required to blow away the dust to ensure the heat dissipation efficiency.

12, oil-free air compressor whether the connection parts are loose, the air pressure in the air storage tank at 0.5mpa-0.1mpa, open the lower air storage tank drain valve, discharge the tank dirt.The pressure gauge pointer moves smoothly, when the pressure gauge pointer is zero, the pointer should also point to "0", calibrate the pressure switch, but when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated working pressure, the pressure switch should be able to automatically cut off the control circuit of the magnetic starter and make the air compressor stop working.When the exhaust pressure is close to 1.1 times the rated working pressure, gently pull the safety valve jacking rod, the safety valve should produce the discharge action.At least twice per shift, check the air compressor operation for abnormal sound or vibration.When turning off the air compressor again, it should be noted that starting and stopping can not be used in an emergency stop, so as to prevent the air compressor from reversing and returning oil. When turning off the air compressor, the air valve should also be closed.

13. Check the freeze dryer and press the start button to see if the indicator is on.Whether the white - motion drainage device is drained regularly.Whether the pointer of the evaporation thermometer is lower than the ambient temperature when the air is stopped and there is no compressed air, and about 5-15℃ lower than the ambient temperature is normal.Whether the pointer of the evaporative thermometer is in the green zone under operation and compressed air flow.

14. Regularly inspect the working status of voltage regulator: observe whether the temperature rise of compensation transformer and voltage regulating transformer is normal, whether there is overheating, coil discoloration, etc. : whether the contact of carbon brush is good, whether the input and output voltage is normal, whether there is overload, etc.Once the exception is found, it should be handled immediately.Unable to deal with can be timely contact with the manufacturer to solve, so as not to damage the equipment.

15. Monitor and check whether the switch of the mechanical optical gate of the laser is normal.

16. Sequence of switching on and off :a) starting up: gas, water cooling unit, cold drying machine, air compressor, main engine, laser (note: start the low-pressure laser after the laser is turned on, commonly known as the upper high pressure), and bake machine for 10 minutes when conditions permit.B) power off: first under high pressure, at low pressure, and then off the laser after the turbine stops turning without sound.Next is the water cooling unit, the air compressor, the gas, the cold drying machine, the main machine can stay behind, and then close the pressure cabinet.

17, the laser is the main, the other is the auxiliary, each shutdown should pay attention to the reflux, in the start of low pressure when the pressure is greater than 80 can start the laser, that is, the high pressure.There should be no vibration source around the laser after it is fixed.

18. Pay attention to the surrounding environment and personal safety when using gas.

Maintenance every three days:

(1)Laser gas replacement.

(2)Check whether the air filter in the air valve box of the laser cutting machine needs to discharge water.

Weekly maintenance:

(1)Check whether the path of the laser is clear.

(2)Check the gas capacity of the laser.

(3)Check the oil level of the laser vacuum pump.

(4)Check the liquid level of circulating water in the laser.

(5). Check whether there is leakage and pollution in the laser and the laser cutting water channel.

(6)Check the lubricating oil of guide rail and lead screw of laser cutting machine.

Daily maintenance and precautions of laser cutting machine

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