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Common problems with spindle motor

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In our engraving machine some accessories, the spindle motor plays a very important role, is also the most frequently used part.In the use of engraving machine in the process of many users friends to us to reflect their spindle motor often appear problems, and in this fault problem, the spindle motor bearing is the most likely to appear problems, some used less than a few months on the bad, so what causes the problem?Let's analyze it together.
Reason 1:
And the specific operation of the engraving machine has a relationship, some spindle speed has not yet reached the start of engraving, easy to cause bearing damage, some customers in the engraving when the size of the resistance of the engraving material is not the same, did not adjust the speed caused by the engraving machine spindle bad.
Reason 2:
Engraving machine spindle cooling useless, engraving machine spindle water cooling have water circulation system, if the long-term water circulation is not good, or forget the water circulation, a long time, there will be a heating effect, increased friction, bearings are very easy to bad.
Reason 3: is the quality of the engraving machine spindle problem, that is to say the spindle itself with the bearings are not qualified, with a very poor quality of the bearings, in the engraving machine spindle running at high speed when easy to bad is not strange.
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Reason 4:
It is for the water-cooled spindle in winter must do a good job of anti-freezing measures, otherwise the bearing is easy to damage.
Through the above introduction, we can clearly know that the main shaft bearing of the engraving machine is easily broken because of the quality problem of the main shaft, the main shaft cooling did not work and other four reasons.Here to remind the majority of the engraving machine users, also pay attention to the maintenance of the engraving machine, increase the service life.
Common problems with spindle motor

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