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Application of laser cutting machine in architectural model

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The architectural model is a bridge between the plane drawing and the actual building. It links the two together and is a three-dimensional model, which is widely used in the construction industry. Today's architectural models are in various forms, and different materials are processed by laser cutting machines to visually and three-dimensionally present the designer's architectural plan.
 architectural model
Laser technology provides significant advantages for model making. Whether it is a house model made of wood or an architectural model made of acrylic, the laser cutting machine will cut with the greatest precision and detail. The cut product is clean and precise, and does not need to be processed again.
The ACCTEK laser cutting machine is highly efficient. Compared with manual production, it can help you save more processing time and labor costs. The enclosed CO2 laser cutting machine produced by our factory adopts the Ruida control system, English Control panel is convenient to operate and with Re-carving function after break point or power failure. It supports USB cable controlled by computer and also offline control system by just a U disk. Through it you can efficiently cut reliable building models.
 laser cutting machine
The CO2 laser machine can be used to cut and engrave many different materials: textiles, wood, veneer, MDF, synthetic materials, plastics, PMMA, cardboard, paper, foam, polystyrene, foils and films, acrylic, and many more. These materials require different treatment by the laser in order to achieve optimum results. Acctek offers a wide range of useful tools for this purpose: honeycomb table, rotary device, different lenses, electric up-down table, and many more.
New-style high-efficiency Reci CO2 laser tube is adopted. Compared with the laser tube of the same level, slim and stable beam, high quality spot. Usage age is more than 10000 hours. Each CO2 laser cutting machine of ACCTEK is equipped installation of reinforcement stings, the laser tube is not easy to collide and cause damage when moving the machine. With laser technology, you can produce even the finest geometries with maximum precision. This gives you complete freedom when designing your models.
 laser cutting machine
Red dot position system is added in standard configuration, contributing to simple and precise working position. Cutting head always follows the material to keep the cutting point location unchanged. Through first-class engraving of surface textures and facade structures, it can make high-quality various models for you.
The finished product produced by the model laser cutting machine is fine and beautiful. Whether you are a hobbyist or a construction engineer, you can use the laser machine to cut and engrave various materials to process complex models. You only need to draw your design in the CAD program, and the laser will cut with the highest precision and detail.
If you do not know how to choose a suitable laser cutting machine, you can consult online at any time to understand whether the laser technology is suitable for your processing needs. If you need to view the working effect of the laser cutting machine, you can send us the design you need to cut or engrave, and our engineers will make your finished product for you.

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