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Acrylic blessing nameplate for teachers' day
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September is another harvest of autumn. We ushered in Teacher’s Day. You still hold the brush of knowledge in your hand, depicting a beautiful blueprint, and nourishing the peaches and plums of the motherland. Thank you for your dedication and company, and wish all teachers Happy Teacher’s Day. Acrylic blessing nameplate is a good choice for Teacher’s Day gifts for teachers. Acrylic nameplates are usually made with laser cutting machines.

Why choose acrylic to make nameplates? Because its advantages are as follows. The process of making with laser cutting machine is also due to the advantages of acrylic itself. As a polymer material, acrylic has begun to be favored by many industries. Acrylic is no longer a mysterious existence. Its emergence also allows many businesses to see new business opportunities. Using acrylic can make a lot of furniture, and it can also be used to make various advertising light boxes. You can also use this when decorating. Many kinds of raw materials are used to decorate the house design. Acrylic is present in many places, which is also inseparable from the advantages of acrylic itself.
High light transmittance: Acrylic has crystal-like transparency and a light transmittance of up to 92%, making this material extremely strong in light penetration. With soft light and clear vision, acrylic is also used as raw material in the production of many advertising light boxes.
Processing performance: The processing performance of the acrylic sheet is very strong. It can be processed by thermoforming or mechanical processing. The acrylic sheet can be processed into different shapes according to your requirements.
Good sprayability: Appropriate printing and spraying techniques can be used on the acrylic panel to make the color of the panel more diversified and achieve a more ideal decorative effect. Many acrylic products of different colors that we have seen use this Advantages of production, can never fade.
Safety: Acrylic has a light transmittance comparable to glass, but its density is only half that of glass. The important thing is that it will not break as easily as glass. Even if it is broken, it will not produce many fragments. In comparison, , Is a very safe material.
High gloss: Acrylic sheet has a lot of weather resistance, high surface hardness and gloss, and good high temperature performance.
In addition, if you want to make high-quality products, in addition to the material itself, the machine for making acrylic is also very important. The choice of laser cutting machine is also very important. Choose a machine that suits you and avoid many detours, so choose laser cutting. The machine manufacturer also needs everyone to choose carefully.
I recommend a laser cutting machine with a ccd camera. This CO2 laser cutting machine has many advantages such as high engraving accuracy, no burrs, and can process any shape.Equipped with a CCD camera, it is professionally used for fast information collection of irregular materials to realize fast and accurate cutting.

Reci CO2 laser tube

Compared with the laser tube of the same level, the beam is slender and the spot quality is high. Install reinforcing ribs, the laser tube is not easy to collide and cause damage when moving the machine.

Ruida Controller

Ruida control system supports USB line computer control, and also supports U disk offline control system. The controller has good anti-high voltage and anti-static ability.

CCD camera

The laser cutting machine is equipped with a CCD camera, which quickly scans the entire processing area before cutting, and then identifies the reference point, locates the material, and achieves the effect of precise cutting.

Stepper motor and Leadshine driver

Acctek CNC laser machine uses high-quality stepper motors and drivers, well-known Leadshine. The price is cheap and the performance is good. Without A/D conversion, the digital pulse signal can be directly converted into angular displacement.

Three Mirrors in Singapore

45 degree rearview mirror adjustment device. Three-point dimming bolt makes dimming easier. Imported lens, adapt to various environments, high precision and fast speed.

Laser head with red dot

The cutting head always follows the material, keeping the position of the cutting point unchanged. Since the laser beam is invisible, we can see the moving path of the laser through the red pointer function.

Silver square rail

Stable operation, high-speed silent, high abrasion resistance, and good carrying capacity. It helps the laser head to move smoothly, thereby improving the accuracy and speed of the machine's engraving and cutting.


If you want to buy a laser cutting machine for making acrylic products, it is recommended that you go to our official website for a detailed understanding. We will receive professional technicians throughout the process. You, help you answer your questions about the purchase of the machine.

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