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5x10 CNC Router Machine for Cabinets Making

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The 5x10 CNC router machine is a heavy duty CNC milling machine with a wide range of machining. With this CNC router, you can cut a variety of materials, including wood, acrylic, plastic, aluminum, and more. You will find that a CNC router machine can help you with many kinds of creation, what you design, it can cut what. 5x10 CNC router machine for woodworking projects with good cutting edges and meeting fine engraving needs. It plays an important role in machining cabinet projects.
5x10 CNC Router Machine
5x10 CNC router table work area is 5ftx10ft, that is 1500mmx3000mm, therefore, it is also often called 1530 CNC router machine. This CNC machine is designed with a large work table, which is very convenient for processing furniture items such as cabinets, door panels, and dining tables. You can see in the photo of the CNC engraving machine that there are rollers installed at the end of the machine tool, which is to assist the machine operator to place heavy plates, which can greatly save labor and improve the efficiency of feeding.
The CNC router table adopts the vacuum adsorption method to fix the plate. For the processing of large-sized materials, it is only necessary to turn on the vacuum pump and switch to firmly fix the board. This is a very simple and time-saving way to effectively increase the efficiency of workshop processing. The vacuum adsorption table also has a very good effect on fixing thin plates or light plates, which can ensure that the engraving accuracy will not be affected by vibration due to high-speed operation during the processing.
If you use a 5x10 CNC router machine just to process woodworking projects such as cabinets, you can choose a 3.2KW water-cooled spindle, which can fully meet your cutting and engraving needs. If you also need to use CNC router to complete some metal projects such as aluminum, I recommend you to choose a 5.5KW spindle, it will have a better effect of cutting metal. Alternatively, you can install an atomizing cooling unit for the engraver. It can effectively reduce the temperature of the material and the tool when cutting metal, and avoid damage to the tool caused by overheating.
The 5x10 CNC wood router is suitable for most furniture manufacturers, but if your business is mass production and needs higher efficiency, then I suggest you choose a 5x10 CNC router with atc. The auto tool changer is loaded with 8 different tools, you don't need to stop to change the knives when you engrave different types of patterns on the cabinet panel. The auto tool changer only needs a few seconds to complete the tool change and start the next process. This ATC CNC router machine can provide you with higher productivity to expand your business.
For the production of cabinets, the rotary axis device is often an indispensable tool. Especially for European-style cabinets, it is often necessary to engrave various European-style patterns on the legs of the cabinets. The rotary axis device can help you complete these 3D projects. In addition, the rotary axis can also produce various cylindrical products such as table legs, chair legs, Roman columns, and stair handrails. You can place the 4th axis on the CNC router table, or choose to install it on the side of the CNC wood router. This can be customized according to your needs.
The 1530 CNC wood router has a stable motion control system and a powerful CNC operating system, and the operator can easily control several machines to run together at the same time. You can use fewer people to complete the production of more cabinets, which is an inevitable trend for business development. The following shows you two 5x10 CNC wood router, you can click the link to view the detailed information.

5x10 CNC Router for woodworking

5x10 Heavy duty CNC Router Machine

5x10 ATC CNC Router Machine

5x10 ATC CNC Router Machine

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